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  • and exhausted? :p let's have a study sleep over where we pretend to study but watch bad reality television instead

    what were you studying? was it science-y? I have taken all of the required science classes so I haven't had to take any this year, I am happy about this. but next year when I have to start taking them again, I am depending on you. :D
    oh yeah, the 'sabbath' is on Friday-Saturday, right? so your Sunday is my Monday. ;)

    and you are lucky that you are able to go to the beach whenever you want! you even have beaches for specific sexual orientations. :p the closest beach to here is four hours away. noeeezz
    Tuesday is after Monday! it reminds me how long it will take to get to Friday. isn't Sunday a weekend for you?

    ps. I am having dawg troubles, he is sick and it has been making me sad, he can barely walk anymore. he should be improving soon though, I think. I hear stuff like this all the time about people they know or their pets are in bad health and I pay attention but don't empathize very well, and now I know how it feels and I do not like it much! poor dawwg.
    I know!! haha, it is cute. clouds have left, now it's unbearably hot. :p how is your Monday? I think it is the worst day of the week besides Tuesday.
    I am good! I also really need to empty my bladder but do not feel like getting up yet. I haven't actually heard the Gossip, I've just heard lots of things about Beth Ditto. :p
    is it early in the morning there? (my iPod clock is set to Tel Aviv and Hawaii, but it's too far away to reach. :p) have fun and don't get too drunx!
    you should get vacation time! I haven't gone on one in two years and am going to in a week, I looking forward to it. :) I don't really want the summer to last forever, just two weeks longer. :p we should go on a picnic.
    she should, she has a song where she uses the line about sitting in a park in Paris. ;) and especially in her earlier stuff you can tell she was influenced by Joni

    ps. I am very saddened that summer is over half way over.
    yes! I don't know very much by her (I have the album Blue and some other random songs) but I have enjoyed them lots. do you?
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