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An anonymous person sends the text. Note this excerpt near the end:

"We might even get a new record from him soon, although rumours circulate that he is already suspicious of his recent deal with Sanctuary, now the backer of the Rough Trade label he was once identified with."

November 24, 2003


Moz, in his own write
By Steve Jelbert
A new book defines Morrissey by his influence on other writers

HE MIGHT BE only a librarian’s son from Manchester who has not released a new record in years, but Steven Patrick Morrissey has yet to disappear from public consciousness. Mark Simpson’s entertaining and perceptive tome, Saint Morrissey, seeks to uncover the mysteries of the man by the not unreasonable method of studying carefully his very public pronouncements.
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2-J writes:

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the cover article is a feature documenting the '500 greatest albums of all time'. There's not a single Morrissey solo album in the list, but the Smiths make four appearances:-

#216 - 'The Queen Is Dead'
#295 - 'Meat Is Murder'
#365 - 'Louder Than Bombs'
#481 - 'The Smiths'

You can check out the details on the Rolling Stone magazine website, here.

Belligerent Ghoul also writes: (Dec. print issue of Rolling Stone) states:

"Batting Averages, acts with the highest percentage of their total catalogs in the Rolling Stone 500."

#1) THE SMITHS (4 of 5 albums), .800
#2) The Beatles

pg.108 also has a picture of The Smiths too
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Anonymous sends the link:

Saint Morrissey. By Mark Simpson - book review (The Independent - link)

Former World's Biggest Smiths Fan Simon Price checks his credentials against a passionately provocative analysis of Morrissey's art
16 November 2003
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Steve Hooker (P.P. NV Records) writes:

"Save the Gorilla" featuring Boz Boorer has been blocked by EMI and Marco Pirroni. Pirroni has not responded to my polite and reasonable request to reconsider, EMI have been firm, courteous but final.
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An anonymous person writes:

I'm currently reading Mary Barton, a nineteenth century novel set in Manchester, by Elizabeth Gaskell ... lots of references to rain and poverty and Ancoats ... but most exciting was the phrase "rattle his bones over the stones". I know there are other references for this phrase (Thomas Gray and Shelagh Delaney for example) but could it be that the greatest living Englishman is also an Elizabeth Gaskell fan?
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JiltedJim writes:

Hello all. I went to the swellegant Fab Cafe in Manchester (111 portland street) last night and noticed a poster advertising the fact that Andy Rourke will be DJing there, every wednesday night at 9pm!

it's a shame there were no flyers, as the image is really cool - it's the Salford Lads club photo with the other three Smiths blacked out! Well, I thought it was funny.

I'm definately heading down there to shake the great man's hand. I think all you other Morrissey-solo readers should check it out as well. Not only will you get to meet Rourkey, but you'll get to meet Jilted Jim! Two living legends in one night!

It will be interesting to hear what Smiths songs he plays.
Wonder if he'll give 'Yes, I am Blind' a spin? Nice song, lovely baseline.
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