James Dean at the Sweethearts Ball held at Fairmount High School in Fairmount, Indiana, February 12, 1955. He looks so enthused to be there... :lbf:

Sadly, this was Jimmy’s last visit home alive. I’m glad he was able to see his family and old friends. East of Eden was the only film that had been released at the time. Rebel would follow the month after he died.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable the guys at the ball must have felt?! Well, to be honest, he probably felt much more uncomfortable than anyone there. Here are a few more pictures from that night.

Jimmy’s 89th birthday was just the other day. I love this picture...

This picture was actually taken on New Year’s Eve, 1954. That is Bill Gunn behind him and the femme fatale is Barbara Glenn.

Oh, to be anywhere but here.

Anyway...Happy Valentine’s Day ❤


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