Sick Kitty

This past week my little Alex fell very ill. He will not eat and he is very lethargic. He isn't interested in any of his favorite toys, treats or even a bowl of Tuna. He loves Tuna. He just looks at whatever I put in front of him and then looks away. On Wednesday I took him to the vet and she looked him over very well but couldn't find a thing physically wrong with him. He is drinking water, thank goodness, but I'm scared he's starving to death.

She sent me home with a slew of things to try, including little sprinkles to put on his food to coax him into eating, but that hasn't worked. I've tried Pepcid, 1/4 of 10mg, but that hasn't helped either. She is supposed to call me tomorrow and if he's not well by Monday, I have to take him back in for bloodwork and x-rays.

Please send positive vibes his way. Thanks.


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