R.I.P. Alex

My beautiful boy died peacefully this morning in my arms. I am shattered.

He was in hospital all day yesterday. Bloodwork showed high calcium levels. This morning, x-rays revealed fluid/blood in his lungs. We did everything we could, but the cancer, which no one is sure where it originally developed, had metastasized and was pushing his lungs forward. This is all very sudden and I am in shock. He was fine last week. Normal acting, running around, chasing his brother, begging for treats, and then suddenly...gone. I took him back to the animal hospital this morning after still showing signs of not wanting to eat and having also stopped drinking water.

Alex was diagnosed with Asthma when he was nearly a year old. He's had constant veterinarian care all of his life, and signs of cancer never showed up until Wednesday when he became so very ill. From there he went down hill quickly.

I am in utter shock. I cannot stop sobbing. I feel absolutely lost and empty without him.

Alexander Crispin
September 1, 2004 - May 22, 2016

Sleep peacefully, sweet boy. I'll see you again soon.​


I`m also really sorry that Alex has passed on.I wish I had words that would make you feel better.I just wanted to say again that I am sorry about Alex and you are in my thoughts.
There is no pain like that caused by the loss of a pet. It makes you feel empty, lost and we question if there was more we could have done when of course there wasn't.
My thoughts are with you.
It has really been a very difficult time and I don't have words right now - just endless sorrow and emptiness. Maybe it would help to write a blog post about Alex. Write about all the joy and unconditional love he gave me. I miss him so much...it just hurts.

I just want those who do care to know that I really appreciate your thoughts and kindness. Thank you.

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