A Very Furry Christmas

So, Christmas this year for me meant time to relax. I shopped a total of two hours the whole season - if that. I bought my mom a beautiful Mother of Pearl moon shaped pendant necklace (she's always referring to herself as a moon child, so...) a bottle of Chanel No. 5, and a few other odds and ends. I received many lotions, candles, essential oils, a pair of really comfortable pajamas, etc., etc.

It was nice.

Last night I gave my cats their stockings. This happens every year. Well, good grief, they are my furry little children, after all...

Getting their stockings!

Apparently, Alex decided that he wanted Chance's stocking...​



But, Chance was cool about it all. And he ended up with the laser light, by far the most awesome toy in the bag...

He soon realized it wasn't so bad after all!

As for me, well, I'm ready to go back to sleep now. I spent a few hours with my family earlier today. It was great seeing everyone - especially my niece and nephew. I think this is the warmest Christmas I've ever had in my life. Nearly 75° out today! Who can hate that?? I was supposed to have tomorrow off, but no such luck. Blah. I only have to stay for five hours, though, so no big deal, I guess. Hopefully I'll still have my Sunday. :)


Merry Christmas!


I like this, very cute. Merry Christmas
I`m really glad you had a nice Christmas HIG. I had a nice Christmas as well.I hope that the new year is good to you and all your wishes come true.

Tibbs :) :)
Thank you, Tibbs! I'm so glad you enjoyed Christmas and I wish you the same in 2016! Much love to you!!

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