What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

Light Housework

Meowissey, Hunchbacked Smut Peddler
Evil at Lake Seminole
A best friend murders a man in collusion with the victim's wife. True story.


Reverse Ferret
It's got tiny print.

But is great.


born to mourn and yawn

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I was looking for something short and unagitated,
so I read Edna O'Brien's short story The Hours of Darkness which is about a single
mother's need to belong the moment her son leaves for Cambridge
to study, and she notices that his company was the only home
she had, meanwhile her world turns into a comfortless and bare
Hopperesque scenery, like an old people's care

born to mourn and yawn

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Reading some Louise Glück poems:

Reminded me of what Nietzsche said about being happiest when in nature, as there are no human eyes comparing and judging him.

Observation and words create an unagitated space of freedom where humanity can unfold without being pigeonholed immediately.


Wow finally finished the good soldier by Maddox and that was really unique in execution. Baby being born in the middle kinda threw a wrench into my reading plans as well as starting school again but I can finally start a new book. Probably gonna read the tenth man by graham green next but am considering reading chimera by John Barth. It won a national book award and he was born in my very small hometown



The tenth man was great if compact. Read a bit like a Steinbeck novel ( think the pearl ). His ability to mix metaphorical complexity and story while retaining his symbolic clarity and the clarity of the physical plot is phenomenal. He must have had a very orderly mind

now reading fifth business by Robertson Davies. Wasn’t intending to read this one as I know nothing of him or the book but I bought it at a thrift store and when I went to my shelves this morning to pick a new read this one called to my hand
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