What song are you listening to right now?


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Do Me A Favour (Arctic Monkeys) about the demise of a relationship.

Brilliant tune & lyrics.
Do yourself a favour & give it a listen.

Well the mo(u)rning was complete.
There was tears on the steering wheel dripping on the seat...

And do me a favour, and ask if you need some help!
She said, do me a favour and stop flattering yourself!
How to tear apart the ties that bind,
Perhaps f*** off might be too kind
Perhaps f*** off might be too kind.
Received a curt e-mail from the office manager today saying, "Born, which surname is current?"
Didn't make sense to me at all and left me all puzzled for a long time ...

After three hours of pondering about this inquisitive question, I remembered an incident in the staff toilet that had occured a month ago... I was standing at the sink washing and desinfecting my hands thoroughly, when a co-worker barged into the bathroom, ran into one of the cubicles and slammed the door behind her, followed by the steady and noisy sound of a gush of pee. She shouted from behind the cubicle door, "MAY ONE CONGRATULATE?" That left me as baffled as the above-mentioned e-mail, so I waited for the cubicle door to open again.
"What for?"
"Someone told me you got married."
"Hahaha, is this true?" etc. etc.
I came to the conclusion that the office manager is one of the coarsest, most obtrusive and also laziest people I have ever had to work for. Her favorite task is to collect money for all sorts of greeting cards, chocolate and books with aphorisms nobody really needs. Not once have I received a satisfying answer to a professional question. I hate working for people like that.

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