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This site is a memorial to _______, who died in 1996. _______ loved to collect things! He appreciated beauty from a very early age and taught me, Mom, to appreciate old things. He collected rocks, shells, license plates, magnets, toys, magazines, posters, fine art, and numerous other things. _________ will be selling some of those items but only if they are fully appreciated as he appreciated them while he was alive.


I sit here with tears in my eyes on the eve of the New Year as I type this to you. Your son was a beautiful young man with impeccable taste. You will see him again someday in the next world, a better world. Of this, I am certain.

Morrissey (Steven Patrick Morrissey), born May/1959, Manchester, England (now age 44 & residing in Hollywood, Cal.) is the former singer of a band called "The Smiths." The Smiths were formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1987. They are widely considered the best British Rock group of the 80's.

After the group's break up, Morrissey went solo, and has been a solo artist ever since. Viva Hate was his 1988 debut album, and it was his best solo album to date, in my humble opinion. The photo in the poster that belonged to your son that you have for sale, was taken by Anton Corbijn, whom I consider to be the greatest photographer of all time. He takes many of the photos for "alternative rock" (non-mainstream) musicians.

Morrissey is a poet. Though labeled morose, melancholy, macabre, moody, misanthropic, maudlin, and several other "M" words that are not coming to mind right now, this MANCUNIAN is a very literary, well read, well bred, funny, controversial, fierce, eccentric, gentle, somewhat depressed, paradoxical person. In both his song lyrics and in his responses to questions by the media, he is eminently quotable. The man is also drop dead gorgeous as you can see.

Morrissey writes lyrics and sings in a way that breaks the heart, and yet soothes the broken heart at the same time. This is his genius, for in his crooning empathy lays catharsis for the listener. He was/is the voice of those gentle, romantic, intellectual, often shy, sensitive, tortured souls, once pent up in their bedrooms, now pent up in their flats, apartments & homes, who just cant find their places in this world. He speaks to the boy who loved the girl who loved somebody else, and to all the various situations & combinations of romance/love, regardless of gender & sexual orientation.

He sings about loves lost and gone forever...lost loves wherein the persistence of memory lingers on for all eternity. He whispers to the very depths of the heart, and the heart responds with emotions that transcend language itself.

Like your son, there will never be another Morrissey. He is one of a kind. The best comparison to Morrissey that I can give you is to the famous writer Oscar Wilde, one of Morrissey's many heroes along with Elvis, James Dean, and many lesser known actors, writers, & singers. Morrissey's taste in film, music, and art in general is phenomenal. His own body of work is even better. He inspires cult like, religious like, worship, and devotion among his fans. Going to a Morrissey concert in the early 90's, was nothing less than Beatle-Mania at its height. He even sold out the Hollywood Bowl faster than The Fab Four. He may be, shall we say, not so well known in the USA, but he is a legend in the United Kingdom. He is England's native son, and they will never forsake him there, no matter what some might speculate to the contrary.

Morrissey has toured the world over including the United Kingdom & Ireland, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and North America, repeatedly. Morrissey is undoubtedly one of the most import figures in the history of Pop Music.

God Bless You.

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