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i am very unexperienced when it comes to issues concerning the computer(dont have on of my own) I was at smithstorrents and i dont know what this "seed" (a lot of people replied to the post with "can you seed it") the download only avaible for a short time and the one who posted it has to upload it if someone requested it? or what does it mean: "seed it"

and what kind of programmes do i need for uploading videos...i will not buy a computer before 2008 so i guess they are fast enough to upload without problems?
and how does that work exactly?
thank you for your help
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The recordings available at SmithsTorrents are available from other users who have already downloaded them. Seeding means making the files available for others to download.

"Can someone seed this recording please?"


"Can someone who has already downloaded this make it available for me to download?"

If you're using Windows, I'd recommend utorrent. It's good and it's free.

Lots more help in the help forum.
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