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also you can claim that Untruth and Truth etc are Fake C but DONT DARE say
that Angelito is Skinny.:lbf:
what a joke.
Awwww, you don't like how the site is moderated :mad: even though you're allowed to post fifty times a day without signing in? That's sad. :( You're lucky the standards are low enough to let you post here when all you do is harass people with your illiterate, illogical, stalking posts.

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hmmmmm very interesting. Several posts have vanished.:mad:
the FC Lizard Jews from Alpha Centauri at work???:paranoid:

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posts relating to feedback are now at the clogging thread? WTF? :rage:
Skinny must have put his fat foot down:blushing:

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I've noticed that some members posts don't appear in the 'latest activity' feed. Any idea why that is? I don't want to do it myself, i've got nothing to hide, just curious?

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I have a of my posts got moved to another thread with, as Morrissey would say, a ‘truly laughable’ ‘warning’ from an anonymous coward stating that ‘if the constant bickering in regular threads doesn’t stop...warnings/timeouts will be happening’.

It’s taken me a little while to post this, as I was shaking with so much fear at my ‘warning’, but my question is, has Radis Noir had the same warning?

I can 100% guarantee not, because he is one of the ‘golden children’ of the moderators, well in with the in crowd.

The good news for many may be that this could my final post, because I’ll probably be banned for exposing this🤣. To which I have 3 words:-



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So did you @Radis Noir ? Get a warning I mean? Or a warning of a warning if that’s the best way to put it?

Or yet again, are you a bit too shit scared to say in case you get into ‘trouble’ or kicked off here?

I suspect the latter as I know how much this place means to you. You’d fight tooth & nail to stay.

If I did, then so be it, as I said. And despite what I said yesterday, I wouldn’t be back with another username. If they want to ‘BMG’ me, then f*** them.

So you going to reply or are you going to do what all cowards do & suddenly go quiet?🤔


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
Pardon? Sorry, I didn’t catch that?

Oh, you never said anything. Sorry, my mistake.


Genuine question but why do you spend so much time baiting people on here, some of the threads you start are quite interesting and I will participate in them as I enjoy reading other peoples responses to the topics you raise , but clogging up endless threads baiting a couple of people spoils everyone else's enjoyment of the site. If you don't like their comments just put them on ignore.

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'surface' and 'radish' know NOTHING!!:rolleyes:


Apologies for my ignorance, I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this, but upon joining this morning, I wrote an article that was there but appears to not be now. Can anyone advise where this may have gone? I don’t believe that I deleted it, but may be wrong.
Apologies for the above post, it appears to be there now. Perhaps there is a verification period I wasn’t aware of, or I was doing something wrong. Despite spending the last 25 years working with a computer, I’m still not the most tech savvy of people.

Pearl Harbour

NOBODY cares about this. Not should they.

Melvis and PETA are two peas in a self-righteous pod that have literally ZERO effect on consumption.

Some f***ing wank English store stops selling fois gra and you lot spout dribble, as if it’s a victory.

Melvis doesn’t even shop there. He shops at Harrods. ...and Harrods isn’t bending to the likes of you fairweather-f***s. There are loads of photos of uncle Fester coming out of there, with bags full of Kerrygold, held by his latest personal f*****r.

Not one of you cares, beyond a dream of carrying grocery bags for a washed-up, bitter, beltless twat.
What? Now - all of a sudden - “f*****r” is banned? So
Much for free speech, in the world of Melvis.
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