ok mother teresa


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ok is the nagging over now!!!god your such a wonderful person.

> Actually, there is a difference. If greasetea insults you, then
> he insults you. He doesn't make racial or sexual identity
> jokes/insults (whichever way you choose to look at them). (And
> if he has and I've missed it, then I would ask the same of him).
> The thinking that you obviously employ, calling someone gay is
> insulting says a lot about your mentality and really nothing you
> should be proud of.

> People who think it's OK to gay bash, verbally or physically are
> unacceptable. After having several friends land themselves in
> hospital because of this outdated, unwarranted sort of attitude,
> it is tiresome to encounter it here as well and so I feel forced
> to bring it into the foreground.

> By all means, if you want to retaliate, do so. I know greasetea
> will give as good as he gets. Frankly, that's really between the
> two of you and of no consequence to me. However, gay
> jokes/insults, are offensive to me so I'm asking nicely if you
> could stop. It is clear that you have no idea of the unfair
> persecution that homosexuals endure on a daily basis otherwise
> you wouldn't hold such a view. Additionally, when greasetea
> makes "momma" jokes, he doesn't illustrate a common
> (or hopefully not so common now) unconscious attitude. His
> comments don't support an attitude that will physically or
> socially harm your mother. Finally, it's not like we take him on
> his word, i.e., that he is actually abusing your
> mother/father/whoever-it-may be, however by making your comments
> you are allowing and condoning (even if it isn't done
> intentionally) certain people to denigrate another based on
> their sexual identity.

> By the way, I'm not American, maybe you could keep your
> generalisations to a minimum too, huh?
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