Morrissey Central: "Morrissey's Spotify Stats for 2019" (December 9, 2019)




Between 1992 and 2019 I visited 28 Morrissey-concerts, in seven different countries. And you, mister very ordinary anonymous boy?
many more than that, but not that it matters, the point is, you’re deluded to the point of embarrassment.


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Survive perhaps but not flourish. His glory days are lost in the past.

He can't sell out a tour.
He can't get a record label to stay with him.
His records companies refuse to release his records.

Yeah, he's surviving by clinging onto that greased rope.[/QUOTE].
Better than clinging onto a greased pole, cor snigger giggle.


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What are the combined stats for The Smiths and Morrissey?

Vegan Cro 4 Evah!!

Speaking of stats, how are For Britain doing today?


All without selling out and going mainstream. Imagine if he had.
Morrissey should be seriously f***ing proud of not selling out. He has done everything his way.

Really can't wait to hear the next album!


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Now we have 79 country that listen to Morrissey on spotify. They do not know how to speak same language. They like Morrissey music very much. Thank you friend.
I mean, that sounds like a lot but is it?
I mean for an artist like Morrissey shouldn't it be more? I genuinely don't know, but I feel it should.

My Spotify stats for 2019 were:

Streams: 3.2 Million
Hours: 215.9K
Listeners: 449.4K
Countries: 79

And I didn't release any new material this year. ‍♂

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