Jane Horrocks' version of "Life Is A Pigsty" is out shortly

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i've got no charm
It doesn't sound all that bad but I'm not a fan of all the processing on the voice and such. it also seems like I'd hit next on after a minute or two


my god, they certainly know how to photoshop. but i do quite like the cover.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Sounds like a generic pointless remix to me with loud noises making it hard to tell if she can sing or not. I can't imagine ever listening to her version of 'pigsty' in its entirety.
The cover of 'Dream a little dream of me' sounds like it was sung by Marilyn Monroe after she was murdered. Such a pity for such a beautiful song by the Mamas & Papas. Curiously the cover of 'isolation' isn't too bad at all. Same for the Sinatra song. What a mixed bag.
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Wythenshawe Waltzer
I like it. It sounds delicate.
Changed my mind a bit after listening to the full track
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