Ian Brown


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nope, but am seeing him in oslo in a few months. can't wait!


I'm Not Sorry
it was ok. started really good with love like a fountain then some more greats such as golden gaze, time, corpses etc. then the flood gates were opened for the new stuff. most of which had to be restarted as brownie kept messing up.
then came i wanna be adored, everyone went crazy as the new stuff came to halt. cressa came onstage and did a bit of grooving, he still looks the same as he did all them years ago!!! and set ended with fear
encore started with fools gold. not many singing along instead just dancing and enjoying the classic. then more stuff, stellify a poor comeback really. aswell as just like you which is probably the best track from his newest effort my way. end.... no 2nd encore no more roses tunes just ended. a suprise to many fans including me but it was to be expected really. after seeing brownie last tour he had cut down alot of roses tunes and was pushing the new lp. shame really. the best gigs of my life were the apollo gigs 2004 where the set consisted of solid roses tunes and golden greats...never again :(
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