Happy Birthday Morrissey!



I love you to def, yo! thank you for everything... :)

I will be seeing you in...38 days and counting!!! :D:D:D


Girl afraid
I just can’t explain what you mean to me, so I won’t even try to.

Happy Birthday Morrissey x


Girl Least Likely To
Happy Birthday my darling Morrissey.
You mean so much to us all, thank you :)


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Charles Aznavour
Richard Wagner
Larry Olivier

You're in great company- and you're better preserved than all of the above.

Happy Birthday!

Did I forget to mention Dale Winton? Ditto.
Happy B-Day Mr. Morrissey

Your music inspires me and it makes my days that much better.

You will always be the one for me, you big fatty :p

See ya in a couple weeks. xoxo


Will Never Marry

and seen as it's your birthday I am now off to watch all your DVD's i've got and listen to all your CD's cos it's my day off and I can relax :D


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Happy Birthday Morrissey!!

Have a great day and a fantastic gig tonight :D

and Thank you for your music!

whatever happens... I love you :)


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Happy Birthday, Morrissey & Many, Memorable More!!!

Did you know that you share the same birthday month as some other fabulous people just like yourself?! (McCulloch, Gahan & Bono all are May babies like you!!!)

I thank you for the really great fond memories from your music & continue to make many more. :)

"Love" you forever!

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
Happy Birthday
give me a week and i might think of something witty to say..


Now My Heart is Full
I bought everyone in my office a cake each to celebrate Morrissey's birthday.

Little generous me!

We all thought of you while we licked the icing off our cakes!!

suzie q

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST ONE! I am only three years younger than you are, and I remember the old days very well. I never would have thought that my love and respect for you would EVER last this long (more than 20 years) but it has, and it's all because of the sheer brilliance of YOU, you endearing, lovely soul. Thank you for everything you have given me through your words. If you don't cancel out (please don't!) I will see you in...far off San Diego (June 3rd) I LOVE YOU!

the judge

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Happy Birthday dear Morrissey.
Thank you for being the only one who makes me laugh & cry, even at the same time. Thank you for your lyrics and your voice: I couldn't live without your songs now. You changed my life, which is not easy to do after 2003 (THE year of great changes for me).
But most of all I want to thank you for being still here and ALIVE.


Happy birthday Morrissey!May you be happy forever.May your heart always be full...and PLEASE never ever stop singing.LOVE YOUXXXXXXXXXXXX

Still Tired

as it were...
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear Morrissey.

Sending my love and best wishes across the Atlantic to you. I hope you find a pleasant way to spend the day. Much love... xx
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