Eric Clapton apologizes for racist past: ‘I Sabotaged Everything’



Eric Clapton Apologizes for Racist Past: ‘I Sabotaged Everything’

The 18-time Grammy winner said he felt shame about the notorious incident, wherein he praised the racist Tory MP Enoch Powell, declared that Britain must stop itself from becoming a “black colony,” and said “England is for white people, man.”​

It goes on with what he said but it's ugly and racist. Just posting because some of it sounds kind of familiar.

Ben Budd

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lol f*** him and his shit music the racist prick.


That's quite a lot of cognac.
Wonder how much champers it takes to make someone think the mayor of London speaks too fast...You have to start drinking mugs of it at 10.30 I suppose to be at Clapton-level by tea-time and be able to ramble about foreigners like a pro.

What strong livers they must have.

It's strange though, they think, but they never seem to drink, British.
Yet that would help the old home country's economy quite a bit...


Always crashing in the same car
What's the difference between a baby and a bag of cocaine?


Eric Clapton would never let a bag of cocaine fall out of the window.

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