Do you think we will get a vaccine for Covid 19?

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.


ladies bear (inquire within)
So how come 32 million people have had the virus and a million people have died from it?

how many of those people were under 80 is the question. fact: the average age of death from covid in the UK is 82. average life expectancy in the uk: 82.3.


ladies bear (inquire within)
thank god we're all huddling in our houses so that those 82 year olds can enjoy that extra 3-4 months of life locking down the entire world and destroying the economy is giving them! of course i dont know how they can enjoy it being so isolated but whatever.


Don’t bother with these people. Logic, reason and science doesn’t register with them.
o_O Below is your solution to your equation from your mathematical count of logic + reason + science. I see you've already started. :crazy:
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