Chances of a signed wea version of cd being genuine


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A dear friend of mine purchased a signed, by all four smiths, version of the queen is dead, they were obviously doing so with goodwill to get me such a gift, trouble is I don't see this as being possibly genuine and reading between the lines know they spent considerable amount on it.(item has came framed with picture of smiths, front cover of cd "signed" and the cd itself alongside, it does look very good, but too good to be true?

The question is, is it really possible that a queen is dead cd first released by warners in 1993 could be signed by all four members if the smiths? Have people seen such items? Did all four members do any type of promo work when the re-releases took place? I had heard that for years morrissey had refused to sign smiths items which had the the other three sigs on them?
Any thoughts? I feel bad about raising suspicion to my friend about such an amazing present, but would hate for them to be getting a fake item.

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Do you like it?
If so then put it on your wall and admire it often.

Nobody here will know for sure.. perhaps Morrissey signed it first, then the others.

Thank your friend and enjoy it as a piece of art.


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Check this link out and you'll find a pic of "The Queen is dead" cassette signed for all Smiths (including Craig Gannon). It's genuine.

I take it that's a rough trade tape though
I just find the odds of someone getting the four members to sign the wea cd years after unlikely, the sigs do look similar ( I have a couple of signed rough trade albums which I believe up be genuine after talking with the seller, this cd though, my friend knows i do question it's authenticity, think will be trying to get her money back once Xmas/ new year period is out the way, pretty gutted about the hassle and buzzkill about the present for my friends sake, but my face gave game away when I saw the wea cd


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Just don't say anything to your friends about it, but don't put it up if you don't think it's real.


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Might be a good idea to photograph with phone cam and post a picture, the experts round here may not be able to say definately yes but a definate no may help get the item returned.


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If you post a scan or pic, I m quite sure I can help you. Some of us here can sniff out fakes like a mouse ;)
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