Back To The Old House - The Smiths' Scottish Tour 1985

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Johnny Barleycorn

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Magnificent piece! It raked up plenty of wonderful memories of similar travels and travails following them around, although neither Pictish nor Celtic adventures in my case.
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Since I was banned from Solo without reason or rather for being accused of having been under the name "Andy Gray" (which was not me) I just wanna say that I will not be on Solo anymore despite my recent comeback as I've been off this place since 2006. It seems that the people that used to chat in the old chatroom started another chat at another website and I am glad to say that they are british fans and some from the rest of Europe like myself.
Sadly Solo is seen as an imperialistic american fan site and the fact is that most of us who are not from USA feel we have less or nothing in common with american Moz fans. We cannot talk about football cause you american have your version and we have ours. There's a too big cultural divide to over bridge and I very much share the sentiments among those ex-solo chatters that really went solo and got their own chat.
David Tseng has lost a lot of credibility not at least because he has hired at least one troll to be moderator on here which is quite funny.
He is also quite weak for little damsels in distress and if they have israeli blood then they can report things to him and he does nothing to check what has happened and uses the little control such a short and insignificant man has.
Despite not sharing the views of the imposter who made some believe it was me I can confirm that my political views are on the far right and that I am indeed an anti-semite and an anti-muslim as well just to make sure everyone gets that. Despite the fact that the most loud Moz fans have some believe all Moz fans believe in love, peace and harmony the reality is far removed from that silly notion. Morrissey himself has on many occasions clearly shown that he is against many things that would in some quarters label him a "racist". I don't think that american fans can understand where the man came from and who followed him first. Among members of The English Defence League you will find Moz fans and among members of other so called extreme groups.
Let the american fans have their meaningless and vile view on Moz and make him into what they believe he is and let us European fans have our view because we were the first.
Goodbye Solo and David Tseng and remember that whatever happens facts and the truth cannot be bought or sold or fabricated unless you live in a country where that is part of the every day routine and I feel sorry for you americans living under such awful conditions and having to give up lives on a daily basis for a cause that benefits no-one but the men in power that would offload little people like you if they had to and they do so on a daily basis.

Urban (Solo chatter 1998-2006)
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Time Will Tell

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading this - and lovely to hear about Morrissey being charming!
Thanks !!! fantastic !!! i started being a Smiths fan in 1985 !!!
really good blog (ooh look at me all modern) - 1985 was my epiphany year too - 26 years , 2 kids and a midle age spread later , here i am (we are)..still trying to sound clever and "knowing"... off to hawick tomorrow mornin after a dorty breakfast at the spoons (sorry moz , but it will be double sausage and bacon) - this comment contains a parenthis advisory label !!

Time Will Tell

I'd never heard of Easterhouse before, but they sound great. Could anyone recommend a record of theirs to get?


Forever Ill
I'd never heard of Easterhouse before, but they sound great. Could anyone recommend a record of theirs to get?
I remeber the name of the band, the 80's was age 15 to 25 in timeline, honoustly
can't remember a song, but youtube or other sorta sounds you can find really good
music from the 80's

I lately look a lot for live footage from Talk Talk, so there must be songs from Easterhouse
out there, which gives you info on albums

hope you find something


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I'd never heard of Easterhouse before, but they sound great. Could anyone recommend a record of theirs to get?
Their album Contenders is high;y recommended. I also loved their first 12", an EP called In Our Own Hands, but it's long deleted and the tracks are unavailable.

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