Alain Whyte YT: "Sunny" - Safe At Home Sessions (May 18, 2020)

"This tune is another co-write with Morrissey.
Original version was released in '95 as a single.
Pretty bare-bones recording of it here on my Gibson J-200 for the Safe-At-Home sessions.
Tough one to sing and play at the same time."




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Dude, Al I reckon it barely rained for 5 minutes. I reckon you are presumably from Brittin and complaining about rain in So-Cal. Does the California Son need to deport you from Moz Angeles like he deported Rusty Brand back to Brittin and deported John Lydon from Malibu to Venice Beach twat chipper curry cunt tit northern base inn n nn nnnnn n nnn nn it.


My secret's my enzyme.
I've always had a bit of a crush on Alain.


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I reckon poor Pasadena Son. I reckon the sord arse just can't play basketball worth a shit. The California Son actually invited him to shoot around at the Mamba Academy and dude tried to shoot underhand like in the California Son's dad pic at Hollywood High.

I reckon do you fucking delusional anti-American terrorists here even know what the song is about? It's about the California Son and Nancy's dog Sunny that passed away last year inn nn nnnnn nn nnn nnnn it.



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I had a few drinks in there, in ‘97 I think. The barmaid didn’t know who Morrissey was.

I think it’s closed now?
Yes, closed getting on for 10 years ago - now that Whitechapel has become a suburb of Bangladesh. Nice people - you can get a good curry in Brick Lane. But sad that an entire culture has just been wiped off the map. Ethnic cleansing.

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