Alain Whyte YT: "Seasick, Yet Still Docked" - Safe At Home Sessions (May 21, 2020)




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Top notch, beautifully played, and indeed sung.
Wipe your feet on the way out of Alain's arse please you fucking sycophant. When will you be writing hateful shit about Alain? When he upsets you? You do know he co-wrote with Moz don't you? So whatever you hate Moz for musically, Alain's probably as guilty of the same thru association. Has it ever crossed that warped mind of yours?


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In addition to the beautiful playing, he does quite a nice job on the vocals.
Yes, he delivered it quite well. This must be one of Morrissey's most heartbreaking and beautiful lyrics, hard to do it justice. The music was sober and serene, taking a backseat but capturing the mood of the song in a perfect way.

BTW, was this the last accoustic song that Morrissey recorded in his solo career?

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Even with the rudimentary simplicity of Alain just sitting there playing an acoustic guitar to his phone I assume, as soon as he begins playing I'm immediately under the full spell of the original song even though Morrissey is not singing. That is a hard task already. Alain's deft touch just oozes so easily. Although I like the current band and do not want to get into a bashing session re Tobias I don't get this sensation when I hear this song played in the current guise.

Alain is somewhat seasick, yet still docked himself and his love of the songs he wrote with Morrissey still shines through to this day. You get the sense he could seriously hit the ground running if his dance card was pulled.


Absolutely sublime from the most golden period of the Mozzers career ..... I’ve always rated the album on a par with The Queen is Dead and this delivery shows why ....

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