1. ShyShy_Flower

    Hoax live nation stream

    Does anyone have any information regarding the possibility that these live nation stream links found on youtube are actually real? I'm not about to drop my card info on a shady site but maybe someone knows their way around the security measures... Here's an example...
  2. R

    Vancouver 2019 - oh the anticipation

    As I last saw Morrissey twice with the Smiths in 1983, I'm going on Tuesday night. An admirer from afar, Morrissey has been one of my life's few constants - If you see a Guy on Tuesday who looks wrong side of 50 and overcome with emotion, remember "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate...
  3. hot dog daddy


    do any of you motha f***az believe in/know about in detail/ think morrissey is a warlock.../have any real books on the magicks/magic/magick? i'm not talking about rabbits out of hats/saw yr gran in half fake stage magic. opinions? onions? discussions? i was surfing about on the...
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