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  1. BrummieBoy

    "Spent The Day In Bed" official video; London, LA pop-up shops; UK and Europe dates TBA - NME

    Morrissey unveils ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ video starring Joey Barton and announces pop-up shops - NME 'Spend The Day In Camden' Morrissey has unveiled the new video for comeback single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ starring footballer Joey Barton. He’s also announced details of special pop-up shops...
  2. BrummieBoy

    The Bullfighter on tv

    'Top Spanish matador is gored to death by an 87st beast live on TV as horrified spectators watch the first bullfighter to be killed in more than 20 years ' cue TTY...
  3. BrummieBoy

    LOL! What happened to all the threads where I handed Viva Skylarker back their arses on a plate?

    LOL! What happened to all the threads where I handed Viva Skylarker back their arses on a plate? Gremlins.....ROFLMAO!
  4. BrummieBoy

    Morrissey isn't running for Mayor of London after all - Mirror Online

    Current poll votes on Mirror article: "Would you have voted for Morrissey?" No: 40% What difference does it make?: 40% Yes: 20% So, if 10 people in a 10 million city voted on this poll (likely) that means 4 for No, 4 for 'whatevs' and 2 for Yay! In case anyone struggles with Maths. Or Math.
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    Morrissey mentioned in Damien Dempsey Facebook post

    LOL! THE CANCER! sold a few more tickets at the London 02 but Bowie's banjaxed that Misery Lit Victim Script for Moz 4 evva! Even if it comes true in a totally mad, sad karmic circle kind of way. Damo is pretty fly, he did a Rebel Yell 1916 show at the Olympic here in Dublin the other night. I...
  6. BrummieBoy

    "List of the Lost" review by Ben Eastham in The Times Literary Supplement

    "Merry Christmas Mr Morrissey from all at the 'Times Literary Supplement' and ''. Make a New Year's Resolution when you come off stage in L.A. Forget the novelist thing. People ain't feelin it babe. :lbf: Try acting, after all, you've spent the last 33 years pretending to be...
  7. BrummieBoy

    Did Morrissey deserve to win the 2015 bad sex award?

    "Another version of the criteria states that the eye-catching erotic passages must occur in “otherwise good” novels – something that can’t be said of the 2015 winner, which (as an article on points out) was rubbished by everyone except Moz devotees."...
  8. BrummieBoy

    Morrissey interview in Boulder Weekly

    Re: Morrissey interview in Boulder Weekly Oh dear....where would one even begin to debunk this ludicrous ventilation of tired old tropes and re-hashed embellished memories? We could begin with the bizarre claim that his schooling was especially difficult, even though he has been publicly...
  9. BrummieBoy

    Madonna, Morrissey & Margeret Thatcher - The Guardian blog

    "From Rock Against Racism to Bob Dylan, there’s a pervading sense that pop is the voice of the dispossessed. And yet Madge’s shoutout to Maggie is just the latest chapter in a history of conservatism that takes in Morrissey and Ian Curtis.... Morrissey admitted in 2013 he’d toyed with the idea...
  10. BrummieBoy

    The Smiths’ drummer Mike Joyce to act in BBC Radio 4 play

    The Smiths’ drummer Mike Joyce to act in BBC Radio 4 play "Joyce spoke to NME about the play, which the BBC describes as “a tale of teenage angst, midlife crisis and drumming”. " When you’re starting a band, I defy...
  11. BrummieBoy

    John Oliver namechecks Morrissey in bit about "right to be forgotten" Internet ruling

    "Internet Privacy Is None Of Your Business" Ah, yes! John Oliver. Another "BrummieBoy" made good. Thank you for starting this thread as it give us a chance to clarify a number of emails we have received. Over the years that "BrummieBoy" has been musing on "" there were...
  12. BrummieBoy

    Rapid Ignore

    Hello DavidT Now that Morrissey has risen from the dead with 'Istanbul', we are in a new era and it's quite possible that he will gain his largest ever Audience. We have just put most people on the thread entitled "Miley Cyrus sings There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" on what we like to call...
  13. BrummieBoy

    First day chart positions for WPINOYB single - TTY

    #worldpeaceisnoneofyourbusiness #1? "climber new entry-A-list, playlist" .cc @totpmag @janicelongdj @RealKenBruce
  14. BrummieBoy

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" pre-order bonuses (select countries)

    Re: "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" pre-order bonuses This range of packages from budget to premium is long overdue for an artist of Morrissey's stature. A full lyric/photo shoot book would have been good. I'm sure the autographed "Autobiography" will do well, if Morrissey can get his...
  15. BrummieBoy

    World Peace Is None Of Your Business

    Hello Any lists of chord-structure and arpeggio variations to compare/contrast? best wishes Sharon
  16. BrummieBoy

    Kristeen Young interview in The Salt Lake Tribune

    A new article/interview explaining her modus operandi and other stuff: Kristeen Young comes with Morrissey … finally - The Salt Lake Tribune I didn't know "they lived and/or work around each other". I thought she lived with Tony Visconti. Maybe there's an arts commune in Brooklyn? Excerpt...
  17. BrummieBoy

    A brief assessment of the new songs - Mojo

    Re: A brief assessment of the new songs - Mojo. "the half-decade of no new Morrissey music since the prophetically titled Years Of Refusal was a drag, a bummer, even." epicFAIL! AIMMN/KAL/PATSE/AH? Maybe traumatised and had electro-shock which erased memories of these demos? Morrissey is...
  18. BrummieBoy

    Cliff Richard on Morrissey - Uncut Magazine

    Cliff sounds really enthusiastic. I hope it goes well and that a UK audience is given the chance to see this bill. In fact, it would be great to have Morrissey, Tom Jones and Cliff Richards together for a Sunday Night at the London Palladium.
  19. BrummieBoy

    "Norrissey: The Novel, By Morrissey - A Synopsis" - The Quietus

    Norrissey: The Novel, By Morrissey - A Synopsis - The Quietus David Stubbs , January 6th, 2014 06:37 Man of refined taste and lucky skip skimmer Mr David Stubbs has procured us an early draft of Morrissey's debut novel... With the news that Morrissey is to write a novel, we dispatched David...
  20. BrummieBoy

    Morrissey. "This Charmless Man"

    "The Morrissey myth. Not a seer, or a pioneer, or a free spirit — just a bore" Michael Henderson 26 October 2013 "This kind of pretentiousness has been taken at face value for so long by the more credulous members of the pop media that it’s no surprise that Morrissey regards himself as an...
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