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  1. HengeBoy

    R.I.P. GodEmperorMorrissey

    WTF? When did this happen, @Radis Noir? I didn’t get say my last disrespect to the rat, I feel cheated.
  2. HengeBoy

    TS’s alternative album “Folklore” is more acclaimed than Old Dog, surprised?

    Taylor Swift’s surprise alternative album “Folklore” is more acclaimed than any other Moz solo album including his most recent flop album.... Why?
  3. HengeBoy

    Ranking Moz’s lead singles

    Lead singles are very important to ANY album cycle because the lead single conceptually defines the foretaste of what’s to come and what it represents for the album. Moz’s 13 lead singles are representations ranging from amazing to not so good, let’s share our rankings. 1. “The More You...
  4. HengeBoy

    Is "Wide to Receive" Moz's most homoerotic song?

    Warning: Homophobic rats including you GERM, if it's to much for your fragile minds to handle, kindly don't post... The reason I ask because following an recent re-listen of one of Moz's least acclaimed albums "Maladjusted" and I always found "Wide To Receive" intriguing because of it's coy but...
  5. HengeBoy

    crazydayandnights: Morrissey (Blind Items Revealed - July 3, 2020)

    Basically an infamous gossip site that spills celeb tea and they recently revealed a few details about the mess... HOLY SHIT
  6. HengeBoy

    What if Morrissey did an pure pop album?

    IANADOAC was such an huge departure from his previous 12 album, like electro & synth pop songs that felt completely out of character, HOWEVER.. i was bopping, so I’m curious if you boomers would love to see Moz continue this route for future albums?
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