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    In absence of our Forum President...

    I call upon the VP to exercise the duties of the presidential office. Just what are those duties again?
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    The Offical 2008 Forum Election Thread

    Tuesday's Election Day....But you can start voting now. This is a serious election. It will determine the future of the Forum for the next four years. You've heard the candidates talk. You know what they stand for. Now it's time to make your vote count.
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    WTF happenned to U2?

    I'm watching this DVD I ordered called "Live At Red Rocks". Now the cover Says the band is U2, but here is a band playing with such passion and emotion, I can't believe it's the same band that you see all over the net and gracing the playlists of every (Rock, Alternative, and Pop) station in the...
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    The 150, 000 Wardrobe of Sarah Palin

    If anything exemplifies the need for taxing the rich, I think this is Exhibit A And for those who still think she's Hot.
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    Flax was the first of the gang....

    Who's next? Shall we speculate? Take bets on who and when and why the next banning will occur? Perhaps they will go to a rotating system so only a few of the people on "the list" will be active of the forum at the same time?
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    The Anti-Yankees Club.

    Baseball Club "America's Team?" I think Not. Everybody has a reason to hate them. Whether you're a Dodger fan, a Red Sox Fan, Met fan, Giants fan, Royals Fan (remember The Pine Tar?) Billy Martin, Steinbrenner, Greg Nettles, A-Rod, Irabu, Reggie...all those swaggering arrogant SOBs and...
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    2008 MLB Playoffs

    Dodgers 7, Cubs 2 I love it when I'm wrong :D
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    McCain's VP Choice

    Deja Vu? For The Record, Mondale lost in the biggest landside in Election History. 525-13, and only received 40.6% of the vote. Also, Mondale's "promise" to raise taxes sounds eerily similar to McCain's promise to keep us Iraq, despite public opposition.
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    Yazoo Week on Sirius Radio

    Including Broadcast of Performance at Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles CA on 7/10/2008 Yaz Week Mon 8/11 - Sun 8/17 After 25 years, Vince Clark and Alison Moyet have reunited as Yaz! Hear an exclusive interview, Vince and Alison introducing their favorite Yaz songs...
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    Yazoo Live:10 July 2008 Orpehum Theatre, Los Angeles. Great show which I was fortune to attend. Kudos to the recorder/uploader for providing it. 2008-07-10 YAZOO (YAZ in USA) LIVE AT THE ORPHEUM THEATER LOS ANGELES, CA, USA 2ND NIGHT OF 3 SHOWS AUDIENCE RECORDING The beautiful Orpheum Theater in...
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    If Morrissey was able to match The Cure's amazing setlist capacity...

    Okay, 24 song main set (feel free to swap out 7 0r 8 songs a night and replace them with others, ) Miserable Lie You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Billy Budd The Boy Racer Alma Matters I Started Something I Couldn't Finish Tomorrow Now My Heart Is Full Friday Mourning Trouble Loves Me The...
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    Help With Dime A Dozen..

    Anyone who has a membership there please respond either here or privately. I am having trouble with my account. Thanks In Advance, SNS
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    For those who have asked...Whatever Happened To Elian Gonzalez

    Elian Gonzalez joins Cuba's youth Communists The Cuban boy at the center of an international custody battle eight years ago has joined Cuba's Young Communist Union. President Fidel Castro, left, poses with Elian Gonzalez after a May Day demonstration in Havana in 2005. Elian...
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    The Cure:Live 01 June 2008 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles CA (Thanks To The Bootleggers. I was there, but didn't make this recording.) out of this world pictures of you fascination street alt.end a strange day the end of the world the baby screams lovesong sleep when i'm dead from the edge of the deep...
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    Yazoo:Live Copenhagen, Denmark 26-05-2008 Nobody's diary Bad connection Mr Blue Good Times Tuesday Ode to boy Goodbye 70's (Alison stopped when she couldn't remember second verse) Goodbye 70's in my room I before E except after C(remixed for dance) - partly played from a big reel2reel...
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    ...But still no apology to the Baby Seals.

    Canadian leader: Assimilation policy 'has no place' Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for a defunct policy that attempted "to kill the Indian in the child" by taking native children from their families and placing them in schools to assimilate them. Canadian Prime...
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    Why does John McCain remind me Of My Grandpa?

    Seriously, the man's speeches come across like, "Come here and let me tell you about the good old days. Things were so great back then"...
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    Backdraft Exhibit at Universal Studios gets out of hand.

    More than 100 Los Angeles-area firefighters are battling a large fire on a back lot at Universal Studios, fire authorities said. Filming may have been going on at the time the fire broke out early Sunday on the Universal Studios back lot. There were reports of an explosion in the studio's...
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    Morrissey on 4TV April 2006

    I did not see an active link for this, so I re-uploaded it.
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    Any group of losers with time on their hands can become Celebrities today

    Seriously, Don't people Have anything better to do? With the oil crisis at its peak...I would hate to see their gas bill. On Monday, three friends left Vermont on a quest to drive through all 48 contiguous states in the U.S. in under 120 hours. It was all in an effort to break an old...
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