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  1. gordyboy9

    Percussion Discussion: Chad Smith says "just finished a Morrissey album" - Iggy Pop guests on it (February 20, 2021)

    i always think why would you lie about something like this.lets face it M and the band have had a long time to do this.would definitely be a new sound with andrew watt on board.always liked chicarellis production as well.
  2. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me"

    love it,iv always had this in my top 10 M songs.always wondered why he used the word glen which is a very scottish word. 9likes/10looks. off to work in an hour and yes i will be walking through a glen to get there.
  3. gordyboy9

    Debbie Mahan IG: new Simpson's art shared for "Panic On The Streets Of Springfield" episode (April 15, 2021)

    oldies are the best,im currently watching,the champions,the persauders,the protectors,the new avengers,the professionals and the daddy of them all the itv 4.
  4. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I'd Love To"

    a typical M song,very dreamy,builds towards the end,is this the first time military drumming was used in a M song. 7 love/10 to. the link on the above video took me to the miraval sessions,the southpaw version is a thing of beauty.heard the sessions before but forgot how good they were.
  5. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Wish You Lonely"

    not heard this in a while,love it,music is a bit screechy,some good lyrics. romance gone wrong is a great line.all in all a solid track. 8humback whales/10humpback whales
  6. gordyboy9

    "The Smythes" featured in daily comic (with sliced meats!)

    that blueberry pie looks like a crocodile eating blueberries.
  7. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Will See You in Far-Off Places"

    ringleader had very good reviews,think it was the observer that called it the morrissey masterpiece,i think its a very good album. pigsty,killed me.dear god,hero now,work of art,theres a few crackers right away.
  8. gordyboy9

    What are you watching on YouTube right now?

    just started watching buggernation street,so funny and complete filth.albert tatlock is hilarious.mavis getting fisted is the funniest thing ever.
  9. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden"

    totally agree gregor,this is a song i could never get bored of.
  10. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden"

    probably my favourite cover,would love a studio version but aint goint happen now.pop perfection. 10roses/10gardens/
  11. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name"

    nice little laid back love song,perfect in its running time. 8 hows/10 names.
  12. gordyboy9

    Far Out: "The favourite films of Smiths-era Morrissey" (April 7, 2021)

    a taste of honey was way ahead of its time,a 17 year old getting pregnant to a black man and after being dumped moves in with a gay man.watched it a while ago,acting is very british,superb.
  13. gordyboy9

    40th anniv, petition Johnny Marr to send Morrissey a song

    think johnboy could do with M sending him a tune.
  14. gordyboy9

    Morrissey Central "Las Vegan Vegas." & "David Robert Steven Patrick" (April 8, 2021)

    do you remember on here years ago,a journalist finished an interview with george michael and he said tell us something we dont know and george said the smiths are reforming,story went crazy,think people thought george had some inside info,was funny at the time.
  15. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday"

    probably M at his most dramatic,intro a bit too long but i suppose its there to build the drama. 9happens/10somedays.
  16. gordyboy9

    Official Morrissey Central Instagram: Elizabeth Dwyer addressed envelope (April 7, 2021)

    do the mathssssssssssssss.its maths your not in america,then again you might be so feel free to use the word math but it sounds so stupid.
  17. gordyboy9

    Dig!: "The Smiths Artworks: All 27 Album And Single Covers, Ranked And Reviewed" (April 2, 2021)

    wonder why M picked probaly the worst picture of alexandra bastedo he could find,im currently watching every episode of the champions and her beauty was incredible.her name sounds italian but she was born in hove in england.
  18. gordyboy9

    Official Morrissey Central Instagram: Elizabeth Dwyer addressed envelope (April 7, 2021)

    yip,thought that as well.certainly could pass for his handwriting.
  19. gordyboy9

    Official Morrissey Central Instagram: Elizabeth Dwyer addressed envelope (April 7, 2021)

    i would comment but i dont what i would be commenting on,is this a mock up or did M send this to his mam with the stamps on
  20. gordyboy9

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Knew I Was Next"

    good song,love the swords album.apart from the cover of course that goes without saying. 7 knews/10nexts.
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