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    "California Son" review by Sascha Kilian (5 of 6) in (German)

    First german review: Try "Deep L" for a proper translation.
  2. Phranc & Open

    Canning Town Sauna Club T-Shirt

    I bought the "West Ham Boys Club" shirt from the "Oye Esteban" a.k.a "Isle of dogs" tour via internet many years ago. Don't know if the seller or platform still exist but does anyone know, if the "Canning Town Sauna Club" shirt ist availabale anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  3. Phranc & Open

    Kirsty McColl with Boz

    Kirsty MacColl with Boz Just bought the "Caroline" 7" after the Berlin gig in a small record shop in Kreuzberg the other week. The flispside is "Irish Cousin" written by MacColl / Mark E. Nevin & produced by Boz. It reminds me a lot of the work Boz has done for Moz during the 94/95 period...
  4. Phranc & Open

    The Brights

    Good band. The music sounds like being played by Marr, Joyce & Rourkey. The singer reminds me of Mark Morriss from the Bluetones (rip). Great debut album "Trivial pursuit" out now after a very promising EP in 2008.
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