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    Ouch (>_<) woman attacked Pope Benedict XVI

    Sometimes people have to be told where they're going wrong by someone who isn't as blinkered or militant as them. See my above post.
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    Ouch (>_<) woman attacked Pope Benedict XVI

    It's totally unnecessary, that's what's wrong with it. If you don't have a faith, then the fact someone else does should not bother you to the point where you feel compelled to be "haughty" about it. Live and let live. Just because you have an opinion on something doesn't automatically mean...
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    Ouch (>_<) woman attacked Pope Benedict XVI

    Even though you (for some unknown reason) sign your name after every post, I don't know how an adult human being could sign their name to such a repulsive, ignorant comment. It's like saying it's ok for people to attack Morrissey because he's an arrogant, vegetarian, animal rights activist...
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    Morrissey - untold story

    Re: Morrissey, true story I didn't correct anyone. I, like JC, am merely pointing out the error of their ways and allowing them to make their own decisions. Unlike JC, however, what I said was only a light-hearted joke and not meant to be taken seriously. Keep up the good work, and...
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    Morrissey - untold story

    Re: Morrissey, true story I thought Christmas Eve was all about one story, a 2,000 year old one... no longer.
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    How many of you are vegetarians?

    Try looking up the word "joke" in the dictionary - it'll be about 100-or-so pages before the entry for over-reaction.
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    Download campaign to give Moz a #1 song -- Can it work like it worked for Rage?

    It will fail - as has been mentioned earlier, they tried it on this site before and failed miserably. Why bother trying to get Morrissey to the top of a "bad" chart, then? Just appreciate the music in the comfort of your own living room and forget about antiquated music charts. It isn't. You...
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    Download campaign to give Moz a #1 song -- Can it work like it worked for Rage?

    Can someone delete this thread or something, to kill this daft notion. Every fan forum of every artist in the UK is probably discussing/plotting the same thing. Some internet users really are naive about this kind of stuff. Morrissey doesn't have the support or the songs to get a number one...
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    Christmas Wishes To Solo Members

    Hope everyone has a nice Christmas.
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    How many of you are vegetarians?

    You can buy little hammers to tenderise meat if you're finding it hard to swallow.
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    Nominate 'Thread of the Year 2009'

    Re: 'Thread of the Year 2009' poll That's you put in your place. :rolleyes:
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    The campaign vs the music

    Morrissey isn't that prominent anymore. He himself said there is zero interest from record labels. Record labels are there to make money by giving people what they want. Seems not many people want Morrissey anymore. Which is hardly surprising given his age. He is where he belongs now - on the...
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    This time last year

    Or they could be alternate titles for songs already released.
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    This time last year

    I know, from research I had to do for a Uni thing a while back, that companies trademark a lot of things these days for potential future use. Particularly media companies, copyrighting potential names for TV shows, films etc. Record companies are probably in a similar position. The 4 songs you...
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    Have i got it all?

    At a quick glance, it looks like all the b-sides, but none of these are rarities.
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    Outch! (>_<) Berlusconi attacked in Milan

    Re: Berlusconi attacked in Milan This made me have-a-giraffe for no obvious reason. It was either the robotic "I cannot" at the start, the assumption of a worst enemy in the middle or the use of the word "nutter" at the end. You don't hear the n-word very often these days.
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    Kewpie, can you unmerge my thread please?

    Maybe you could campaign to have the things un-merged on the back panel of your sandwich board. Kill two birds with one stone.(Joke!) Some of my mates left by train this morning for this gig, with a satchel of booze. I couldn't go because I have stuff to do for work for Monday. Almost...
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    Oh, a play...? And I was hoping they were bringing Brookside back. Just get a perm and turn up in a tracksuit with some stolen goods on your person and the part is yours.
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    Morrissey intoxicated?

    It's pretty obvious to anyone with functioning eyes that he is either suffering from exhaustion or he has been sipping the mid-miditerrean-cruise like it's going out of fashion. With his new showbiz mates like Johnathan and Russell and Stella.
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