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  1. SixteenClumsyShy

    Morrissey Central Morrissey Central Instagram channel created (April 1, 2021)

    Morrissey deserves a better designed website and Instagram.
  2. SixteenClumsyShy

    "The Sparks Brothers" documentary trailer

    Anybody know where we can stream the full film?
  3. SixteenClumsyShy

    Poll What should Morrissey do next?

    All of the above except for APOLOGIZING. Morrissey should never apologize!
  4. SixteenClumsyShy

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Archive Utility which is the default on my MacBook.
  5. SixteenClumsyShy

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    I'm on a MacBook and foobar did not work. I get this error. :/
  6. SixteenClumsyShy

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Not sure if it's just me but none of these audio files will open up on my computer.
  7. SixteenClumsyShy

    French Actor Claude Brasseur has died

    Morrissey is not encouraging suicide. He is not that selfless. Read deeper into the words.
  8. SixteenClumsyShy

    Morrissey Central "In Our Life." (December 19, 2020)

    What are all those records. I recognize a few.
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