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    Name Morrissey's ideal band

    Here's mine: Voice: Our Hero Guitars: Bernard Butler, Boz Boorer Bass: Andy Rourke - bring him back, Moz. He's no Joyce! Drums: Matt Walker - best drummer Moz has had in a while songwriting: Whyte, Butler, Boorer M's new album is almost good enough to lull me into thinking Jesse...
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    joke: Morrissey's new album title in forthcoming NME article

    I'm not sure about the frinking opportunities presented on that cover..
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    YOR vs The Bends vs The Stone Roses vs Aeroplane Over The Sea

    One thing about Morrissey's latest album is that I feel I can almost exist within it. I know that sounds quite peculiar - and it is - but it's a feeling I've had before with a handful of albums. It's engrossing, exciting, touching and of such quality that it really is beginning to define this...
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    Morrissey-themes essays/poems/lists/anything creative 300-1000 words

    This thread is for creative Morrissey fandom stuff. There is a similar thread in the pigsty for you to voice your disquiet at those of us who want to be creative or to express our love or his work in a different way. It is here So if...
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    Creative challenge - in 500-1000 words, why do you love Morrissey (or hate him)?

    In a desperate bid to create a slightly more intelligent, creative and thought-provoking thread than 'let's talk about sex' or 'morrissey frinks' I wondered if anyone would be interested in writing 500-1000 words explaining why exactly they love or hate Morrissey and/or what he means to you...
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    Your all time top 10 Morrissey and Smiths songs

    Well I haven't thought of my top 10 yet so I'll repost in a short while with my 'top 10.' I always think top 10 lists work well at Christmas time. Anyone moaning about such lists is clearly a discussion board snob and worthy of contempt. Don't forget, it has to be a Smiths and Morrissey joint...
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    Your Favourite post-hiatus compilation album

    Here's mine: Something is Squeezing My Skull Mama Lay Softly Dear God, Please Help Me Irish Blood, English Heart Fist of the Gang to Die Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice At Last I am Born The Father Who Must Be Killed Come Back to Camden My Life is a Succession of People Saying...
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