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  1. nataniel66

    Morrissey Boston show orch tickets for sale

    I'm selling two orchestra tickets to the Wang Theatre show on October 5, 2012. they are orch row j seats 18-20. I'm selling them way below what i paid. please message me for any details. price negotiable... just trying to find it a good home
  2. nataniel66

    selling terminal 5 ticket & radio city ticket

    hey I'm selling my sat terminal 5 show ticket (just one) for 70 bucks.... originally 85 and my orchestra seat radio city ticket (2 of them) for face value.... 90 bucks each. please message me here or email me at [email protected] hard tickets can meet to trade for cash
  3. nataniel66

    trade Terminal 5 show ticket please

    so i can't go to the saturday Terminal 5 show and would rather go to the friday show. please message me!!!!
  4. nataniel66

    Terminal 5 show-saturday ticket for sale

    hey i have a ticket for sale at face value for the saturday show at terminal 5. hard copy. can meet in the city. message me or email me at [email protected]
  5. nataniel66

    Terminal 5-NYC-Saturday ticket for SALE

    hey there. I have an extra ticket to the October 13th (saturday) show at Terminal 5 for sale. GA and its a hard copy. email me at [email protected] for more info. i can also trade for a friday show ticket :) xoxo
  6. nataniel66

    selling tickets to Atlantic City show in December 08,2012

    hey I have two GA tickets to the Atlantic City show. GA is completely sold out and I sadly won't be able to make it. contact me for any info or at my email [email protected] :)
  7. nataniel66

    Jesse Tobias 1995 video

    Hey I don't know if anyone has seen this but I thought it was an interesting video of a very young and different Jesse Tobias. He's guest hosting a show (i believe on MTV) with Alanis Morissette. Enjoy!
  8. nataniel66

    A Song From Under the Floorboards??

    Hey does anyone have a copy of the song "A Song From Under The Floorboards"? It was a cover from a song by the band: Magazine. I would greatly appreciate it since i lost the track when they had to fix my laptop and for some reason I am in a mood to hear it. Thank You!
  9. nataniel66

    Anyone have DC orchestra (front row) or Box Seats??

    Hey If anyone is selling their tickets to DC's show at Orchestra (perf. first few front rows) or Box seats (close to the stage) let me know asap! Ill be in Baltimore on wed. no internet. call me at 917-771-5314 no matter what time. and/or email me at [email protected] or PM me...
  10. nataniel66

    Anyone selling Maryland ticket 10/31??

    Im looking for one ticket for Marylands show on 10/31. how much are you selling it for? and... would anyone know how I could get from Philadelphia to Maryland??? I have no idea how to get there. help!
  11. nataniel66

    Looking for a Sunday or Saturday ticket.NYC

    hey im looking for a sunday or saturday ticket. and perhaps 2 mezzazine 1 tickets for fridays show. I have two floor tickets for that day to sell or swap. don't pm or email me. call me at 917-771-5314 Ill be at fridays show
  12. nataniel66

    Friday: swap 2 floor general admission tickets for mezzazine 1.?

    I have two general admission floor tickets (no Max Moz) and I want to swap for 2 Mezzazine 1 tickets for Friday. I believe thats a good view so contact me at [email protected] or PM me.
  13. nataniel66

    Extra Saturday & Sunday-NYC ticket. GA Regular admission

    Hello I have an extra general admission floor ticket (not part of Max Moz). email me at [email protected] or Message me back for info. not a bad price. I still have tickets
  14. nataniel66

    Hammerstein ticket/seat info?

    Hey does anyone know if people with a general admission floor ticket can go to Mezz 1 seating area. I was just wondering since when you buy the tickets on ticketmaster there's a choice. help! thank you :)
  15. nataniel66

    Extra Sunday NYC ticket. GA Regular admission

    Hello I have an extra general admission floor ticket (not part of Max Moz). email me at [email protected] or Message me back for info. not a bad price. :)
  16. nataniel66

    Morrissey-Icon subject for school paper.

    Well I have to write a paper for my english class about an important figure in mainstream American culture who have tended to become more complex and difficult to pigeonhole in recent years. . I don't want to choose an icon and be bored with the paper so Im thinking of choosing the Moz. Your...
  17. nataniel66

    selling NYC individual tickets (not part of pass) for saturday and sunday. cheap!

    selling tickets for NYC hammerstein ballroom , not part of MaxMoz tickets. individual for saturday and sunday. cheaper than ticketmaster price. pm me.
  18. nataniel66

    5-day package or individual mon and tuesday tickets

    Hello I NEED someone to sell me tickets to the 5-day Maximum Morrissey or to his shows on Monday and Tuesday (but I want the Max Moz so i can get to the front those two nights). please if anyone is selling email me at [email protected] I cant find any online and Im desperate since it will...
  19. nataniel66

    anybody has Max. Moz tickets (NYC) they want to sell: any day!!!!

    Hey yeah so I was unfortunate and lost my place on ticketmaster once they kicked me out . I had those tickets. but if anyone has tix for any of the 5-nights that they want to sell off contact me at [email protected] thank you... help...please!!!
  20. nataniel66

    Any students from philly going to all five NYC dates??

    hey I just wanted to see if there were any students (really anyone) from Philadelphia going to all five NYC shows. Im going to all five and for some dates I have no one to go with (because my friends don't like moz that much) anyway..let me know.
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