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  1. Ambra

    TTY: Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph

    I love Morrissey, but i'd have to agree with you. This time he seems to care only about his career. Boz wrote: "Any other artist would be number 1 with this song RIGHT NOW" a very inappropriate statement in such a delicate moment for the people of Paris.
  2. Ambra

    TTY: All The Fun Of The Circus

    I don't know whether i'm right or not, but i also consider this statement as a cryptic message about what happened in Paris. ​Lions fight back against people who hate them, and yet circus people are too stupid to ask: why are these animals angry? (Why are these terrorists so angry?) may they...
  3. Ambra

    Quito - Teatro Nacional (Nov. 7, 2015) post-show

    Wow, i'm a little bit jealous right now! Those are lucky fans. He looks simply gorgeous. Gorgeous and talented, nothing more to say.
  4. Ambra

    Johnny Marr on his autobiography, admits he hasn't read Morrissey's - MOJO

    So, Johnny has no time to read Morrissey's autobiography because he has so many books to finish. Johnny the avid reader. (Sarcasm)
  5. Ambra

    If the Smiths reformed for a one-off gig, what would you like on the setlist?

    My setlist: Still Ill Hand In Glove Barbarism begins at home Handsome Devil Nowhere fast The boy with the thorn in his side Girlfriend in a coma William it was really nothing Ask Heaven knows This charming man Reel around the fountain Bigmouth strikes again How soon is now Pretty girls Accept...
  6. Ambra

    Peru ticketing company Teleticket also sells tickets for bullfights

    Horrible! Try sending a mail to to inform them about this fact, they are in contact with Morrissey and can do something more i think.
  7. Ambra

    Why do you come here? (when you know it makes things hard for me)

    When i discovered Morrissey some time ago and wanted to know more things about him i always ended up reading this forum because here you can find all the news. I used to visit the forum on a daily basis but i wasn't registered then i decided to become an active user. I'm 22 and i live in a...
  8. Ambra

    What song are you listening to right now?

    A girl like you by Edwyn Collins
  9. Ambra

    Morrissey Oct. 7, 2015 Teatro Augusteo, Napoli (AUD Master)

    I can't find the link to download the file, i think i need to be registered on the site. Tomorrow i'll try again
  10. Ambra

    Morrissey Oct. 7, 2015 Teatro Augusteo, Napoli (AUD Master)

    Wow, thank you so much! I'm going to see if it works
  11. Ambra

    TTY: Gail Shea in search of a new hobby

    I don't think a boycott is the solution and the fact that he is not coming to Canada anymore is not going to bring an improvement so, i agree with you on this point. Maybe his behaviour in this case is a bit childish but let's not forget she provoked him first and as fans of the man we should...
  12. Ambra

    TTY: Gail Shea in search of a new hobby

    Great post, this is also my point of view!
  13. Ambra

    TTY: Gail Shea in search of a new hobby

    I don't know much about politics in Canada and i see you live there so you know things much better than me. I don't want to go into political details i know nothing about, my post was simply a reflection on what caused the reply Moz decided to give her. What i wanted to say is that i don't think...
  14. Ambra

    TTY: Gail Shea in search of a new hobby

    She is a politician and she is totally ok with the fact that innocent baby seals are brutally killed...You guys should complain about this fact and not about Morrissey's commenting on her fatness. Morrissey really cares about animals and environment issues and she replied saying he is searching...
  15. Ambra

    TTY: Rita Pavone holds on to Morrissey, praise for Germany stopping chick shredding

    Rita...She has a very important place in the music history of our country, a true sixties icon. Moz is a fan of her music and he seems to appreciate many influent people in italian culture(E.g. Pasolini)
  16. Ambra

    Skopje - SRC Kale (Oct. 16, 2015) post-show

    They should be banned from the site. This is a place for fans and their comments are totally worthless and out of context.
  17. Ambra

    Morrissey painting

    Thanks! I decided to share it with TTY. It's great to see Moz as subject for works of art.
  18. Ambra

    TTY: Morrissey's European Tour Concludes (list of favourites)

    I'm happy that he received a warm welcome from countries he never toured before like Romania, but...The show in Cesena that i attented is only 9th in the list lol
  19. Ambra

    Morrissey painting

    Maybe this is just a frivolous thing but i want to share it! The other day i was walking in a city here in Italy and taking a look at a vintage clothing boutique when i saw this beautiful picture hanging on the wall: I was amazed and i took a photo(sorry if the quality isn't great), but i...
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