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  1. drifter

    Las Vegas rescheduled 2021 dates on Caesars Palace site (5 dates, Aug. 27 - Sep. 5, 2021)

    UPDATE 2:20PM PT: Dates have been removed from the Caesars site. Fri Aug 27 Morrissey: Viva Moz Vegas Sat Aug 28 Morrissey: Viva Moz Vegas Thu Sep 02 Morrissey: Viva Moz Vegas Sat Sep 04 Morrissey: Viva Moz Vegas Sun Sep 05...
  2. drifter

    Morrissey 2019-05-02 New York

    this audio show was just shared by larryrulz on the torrent site dimeadozen. he promised to share his dvd soon sound is stunning!
  3. drifter

    Here's the list of rumoured Record Store Day 2019 releases

    sorry if this has been discussed. Morrissey - Lover To Be - EP Record Store Day April 13
  4. drifter

    i need two vegas tickets

    just found out Im getting my daughter back from Virginia in time enough so want to get us GA standing:guitar: fingers crossed
  5. drifter

    Morrissey - Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London, U.K. 20th September 2015 cheers to Rimbaud for uploading Suedehead Alma Matters Speedway Ganglord Staircase Kiss me a lot World peace Throwing Paris Istanbul Crashing Bores Not a man Bullfighter Mama Yes...
  6. drifter

    2015-03-18, Cardiff, UK

    2015-03-18, Cardiff, UK just found on dimeadozen this was upped by skyscraper Morrissey recorded at Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on 18th March 2015 Given four days to recover from the previous show, I was reasonably confident that...
  7. drifter

    The sleestacks

    was farting around listening to old my old 45s an thought id share this
  8. drifter

    Boz & choir sing "Come Back to Camden" at Mayor of Camden ceremony (May 2013)

    Re: Come Back to Camden - Boz & Choir. Mayor of Camden ceremony. beautiful beautiful beautiful. do you know what this event was about? boz had to help put this together, shows his producing skills under many circumstances looks like its about a year old can someone get the audio for this and...
  9. drifter

    2006 march 16, Austin, tx SXSW (radio edit)

    finally got my new kick ass computer an am ready to reupload the mozzbozz site. doing requests that's been backlogged in my email hope you recover well Morrissey sense passions is gone, this a radio version which stops at how soon is now because of time length, which is what the person...
  10. drifter

    David Beckham training with Arsenal
  11. drifter


    i saw acdc in 77 while bon scott was alive, i went looking here to see if i could find the show i went to, it was not recorded but i found this remastered boot that was recorded a few months earlier. thought id share its a...
  12. drifter

    help with a shortcut to 'passions just like mine' archives please

    is there a semi easy way to get to the past concert setlists please?
  13. drifter

    Morrissey @ Festival Viña del Mar, Chile 2012 [Full Concert] [HD]

    Instantly watch this Morrissey Festival Viña del Mar, Chile 2012 [Full Concert] [HD] watch this full show instantly here.....god i love him tryed to check back in the links and couldnt find any boots. can someone pull the audio from this and upload :pray:
  14. drifter

    2008 july 4 London, UK - O2 Wireless Festival

    mozzbozz boots site when someone asks me to reupload a show, im posting the new link here while rebuilding the mozzbozz site heres info about the show...
  15. drifter

    here's something ive never heard before

    so, you guys may have come across these sites that have "backing tracks" for guitar players to sorta play along with, but usually it's someone that has re-done the other instruments themselves...with pretty shitty results. i came across this today...what's cool about it is that, without the...
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  17. drifter

    FileSonic is no more

    well, looks like filesonic is essentially kaput... but not by anyone's hand but its own
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