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  1. mozsupportsrovers

    Morrissey in Los Angeles (May 10, w/Tom Jones), Brooklyn (June 21 w/Cliff Richard) - TTY

    Re: Morrissey tour datesorted by tom jones and cliff richard David can you please edit the title of the thread, thanks
  2. mozsupportsrovers

    For Sale Huge Morrissey Leeds Academy Poster

    At Last nights gig i managed to get one of the huge promotional posters for the gig. It is in perfect condition and i'm looking to sell. All offers welcome will upload actual size and pictures later
  3. mozsupportsrovers

    hop farm from the north- anyone driving?

    hi is there anybody driving down from the north to the festival and has 2 spare seats for me and a friend in their car and would be happy to give us both a lift, obviously we would pay petrol cheers let us know
  4. mozsupportsrovers

    lift to gigs

    hi, is anybody planning on going to stoke from lancashire way and willing to give me a lift home? petrol will obviously be paid cheers
  5. mozsupportsrovers

    1 standing York available

    Don't want to stick on ebay for obvious reasons. although my friend wants a good price. PM YOUR OFFERS cheers
  6. mozsupportsrovers

    Morrissey announces US Tour

    Well he did at some point in his career April Fools:D sorry:lbf:
  7. mozsupportsrovers

    UK Ticket Exchange

    To those interested in buying multiple tickets for a venue and then swapping them (or selling for face value) on here to real fans please join here. I have had a good response via PM and i think it could really work for all those involved. For those on facebook, there is another group...
  8. mozsupportsrovers

    Nicky Wire says Morrissey changed his life

    Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers said in a television programme last night on channel 4, that the moment he saw Morrissey on TOTP his life changed forever he said the next day he went into school with flowers in his back pocket and through Morrissey was able to progress into music...
  9. mozsupportsrovers

    String Quartet Tribute To The Smiths Request

    Hi I was wondering wether anybody had this cd to upload "String Quartet Tribute To The Smiths" cheers in advance:thumb:
  10. mozsupportsrovers

    Morrissey on Pop Quiz

    Never seen this before and is a recent upload to youtube, enjoy
  11. mozsupportsrovers

    Looking for some bands to play a Blackburn gig

    Are you in a band that is looking for gigs or to just play to a new crowd? Me and a friend have set up a night at a blackburn venue and are looking for bands to book for the next 4 months, Interested? Either contact me via Mozsolo(PM) Facebook- RingleaderDjs Blackburn Email-...
  12. mozsupportsrovers

    Looking for some one to help with photoshop

    HI, Me and a friend have nearly secured ourselves a dj slot at a club and really could do with a few flyers making. Are there any budding designers out there who would be willing to make a few flyers for us, if your interested could you PM me and i'll give you a bit more info cheers:thumb:
  13. mozsupportsrovers

    Viva [email protected] north bar Blackburn 7 august 2010

    Viva morrissey have announced a date in Blackburn in august, don know how much it will cost but should be a great night
  14. mozsupportsrovers

    who will you be voting for in the General Election

    Who will you be Voting for in the election
  15. mozsupportsrovers

    Morrissey plays tennis?

    Just looking through the collection of pictures from Moz's birthday by Shirlaine Forrest, and soembody bought Morrissey a tennis racket, has he been known to play in the past
  16. mozsupportsrovers

    Cheltenham Gold Cup- Who will win

    Only 15 minutes untill the race, ive gone for Each way on COOLDINE Each way on Tricky Trickstar and each way on the 500/1 shot Cerium
  17. mozsupportsrovers

    Night out in belfast help

    Was hoping to go over to belfast in the summer for a few days and wondered if anyone could give me any ideas on were to go for drinks in the city centre then onto a top club for the rest of the night Looking for wetherspoons, yates ect ect and then a club at end of night that plays the likes...
  18. mozsupportsrovers

    Who plays Darts

    Just Wondered if any one on solo is a keen dart player? Ive been playing regularly with friends now and have my own board up at home practising daily ive hit a few 180 and my highest checkout is a 116, i play with heavy darts 36 grams any one else play?
  19. mozsupportsrovers

    HMV Pure- New Morrissey photo for sale

    HMV have added a new morrissey product in their pure(reward scheme) arena at 450000 points though its a bit steep:eek:
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