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  1. rivum

    Tim's Twitter Listening Party - "Strangeways, Here We Come" with Stephen Street (Sep. 28, 2020)

    this, exactly, for me as well. first music I ever heard by the Smiths was the opening notes of A Rush and A Push from a cassette my cousin had. It's forever stamped in my mind.
  2. rivum

    Alain Whyte & Band: "Tell Me" - 'lockdown' version premiered (August 5, 2020)

    overall...this is not great. - lyrics are shit. - vocal melodies are terrible. - singing is barely ok - why does Gary look so uncomfortable? It's like he left the hanger in his shirt when he put it on - Gannon's guitar is really nice and suits the song well - whoever edited this video is an...
  3. rivum

    The Tea Party cover "Everyday Is Like Sunday"

    that is his voice/phrasing on all Tea Party songs. he's not really trying to do a morrissey impression although I see why you would say that.
  4. rivum

    How do you transfer files over the web?

    wetransfer - easy and free
  5. rivum

    Oh how I wish this were the actual video

    **EDIT** hmmm..have no idea what's up with the sound. here's a link to the facebook video that should work fine!
  6. rivum

    Who else has Moz dreams?

    had a dream last night whereby I was required to "pinch hit" for Moz at one of his shows. For whatever reason, he decided he didn't want to wear himself out by doing the gig so I was to sing for the entire show. He was there, though. Of course, aside from the opening tune How Soon Is Now...
  7. rivum

    Request: tracks from Playboys reissue EMI promo CDr (2013)

    thank you for this FWD! Any chance you can upload the whole cd rip in FLAC (with LOG+CUE)? Thanks in advance! **EDIT** re-reading the thread now, I don't think you have the 4 track promo but the 2 track. ignore my request - I, like you, am looking for the 4 track promo.
  8. rivum

    TIL Johnny Marr played guitar on (Nothing But) Flowers - only 30+ years late

    great cover. my only criticism is that it's too good - it adds nothing to the original. one might think it was the talking heads if you weren't as familiar with the finer details of david byrne's voice.
  9. rivum

    TIL Johnny Marr played guitar on (Nothing But) Flowers - only 30+ years late

    i almost forgot how great this song was. witty creative lyrics, jaunty bassline, great guitars (now I know why). Just perfection.
  10. rivum

    TIL Johnny Marr played guitar on (Nothing But) Flowers - only 30+ years late

    is that him at the 25 second mark? EDIT - yes. yes it is.
  11. rivum

    Noel Gallagher wants to play guitar for The Smiths if they ever reunite

    all save one. golden lights is a steaming pile.
  12. rivum TCU Place, Saskatoon - date brought forward to 22nd of October

    while we're speaking of this, is "whinge" just the british version of the north american word "whine"? how is it pronounced? something i've always wondered...
  13. rivum

    Morrissey Central: "BMG" (October 9, 2019)

    this is really dumb, yet I laughed really hard at it
  14. rivum

    Camden, NJ - BB&T Pavilion (Sep. 9, 2019) post-show

    good god that would really be something!
  15. rivum

    Queens, NY - Forest Hills Stadium (Sep. 7, 2019) post-show

    who chooses the setlists? Do we know? I would guess it's probably Boz, based on a list of "allowed" songs chosen by Moz?
  16. rivum

    Morrissey's hand-picked playlist for Spotify/Apple: via Vents Magazine (4 September, 2019)

    interesting playlist. most of the songs chosen as (presumably) his favorites have rarely (ever?) been played live...
  17. rivum

    Thelma Houston's 'Suedehead' cover

    if FWD doesn't have an MP3 to share, you can be sure no-one does. I'm sure someone will create one eventually. patience is a virtue.
  18. rivum

    Alain Whyte plays a tune

    also, this video makes me really wonder whether Jesse was unwilling or incapable of playing that 'this charming man riff'. I'm thinking the latter, but it really shouldn't be that hard for a working lead guitarist to work that out. moz really lost out by alain no longer being in the band. he...
  19. rivum

    Alain Whyte plays a tune

    agreed - his voice has a similar quality to Ian McColluch's. also agree about how brutal the video is. It's like he's trying to do some kind of Rick Astley impression. yikes.
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