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  1. Nerak

    Morrissey As Folk Devil

    This thread is going to be me :swear hoping some passing hack/academic helps end this madness. Anyway one thing Moz gets major shock-horror over is his occasional assertion that other groups can be racist... & I'm reading a sociology book from 1979 & it appears it was a thing that was...
  2. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "PAINTINGS AT THE LOUVRE, 2020" (Sep. 16, 2020)

    A promo (meme!) of Joey Barton. For reasons (now deleted). (Thanks to the mod.)
  3. Nerak

    Question Vahaan koee kal hal - where did it come from?

    I didn't want to disrespect a thread about Elizabeth being ill - but does anyone know where the phrase vahaan koee kal hal comes from? Does it mean there will be no tomorrow? It's an unexpected reference BY Moz.
  4. Nerak

    Morrissey Central Ennio Morricone

    Footage of Ennio conducting sourced from a fan.
  5. Nerak

    Morrissey Central #The Show Must Be Paused (June 2, 2020) See also (both appearing prior): Media coverage: Link posted by an anonymous person (original post):
  6. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "Help" (May 28, 2020) PETA video calling for an end to experiments on Monkeys. (It seems to have been posted twice on Central)
  7. Nerak

    Morrissey Central !!!!!, Everything Dies (May 22/23, 2020)

    "!!!!!" "Everything Dies" Then: And now: photo: Tony Farmer The New Dolls. "YOU HAVE ENEMIES? GOOD. THAT MEANS YOU HAVE STOOD UP FOR SOMETHING...
  8. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "You Say That The Day Just Never Arrives" (May 20, 2020) Cover version by a singer Sam is following on Twitter.
  9. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "Sainsbury's" (May 20, 2020) A SIGN OF THE TIMES. Something Good Out Of Covid-1984. Video of no meat or dairy being available in a Sainsbury's. At These Counters. You know, odd as Moz is, I'm beginning to think this may be Messages From Sam.
  10. Nerak

    Morrissey Central Sara Cunial, Italia (May 18, 2020) Presented without comment or even a song title - some fair points about poverty, capitalism & authority, plus some overwrought accusations flung at Bill Gates.
  11. Nerak

    Morrissey Central But Before You Go, Can You Look At The Truth - Fiona tweet, concert footage from 2011, UK doctors / vegan article (May 17, 2020)

  12. Nerak

    Morrissey Central Love Of The Loved (May 11, 2020) Our Cilla song title. And a Mozzified car.
  13. Nerak

    Morrissey Central PETA (May 4, 2020)

    PETA asks Americans to petition their representatives to keep slaughter houses shut. Posted link:
  14. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "New Order 2020, You Are In It Now" (April 30, 2020) The artist from the back of I Am Not A Dog On A Chain.
  15. Nerak

    Radiohead cover The Smiths

    Wee article about Radiohead, mentions The Smiths. They cover the Headmaster's Ritual. (And now we know why so many public school boys love Tory-hating Moz.)
  16. Nerak

    Morrissey Central WORLDS END (April 29, 2020) I think he (or Sam) is worried he's going to be arrested. To be fair, this is possible. If not, sectioned. And this will be Moz's worst nightmare - the government has...
  17. Nerak


    Nice wee Irish football story that mentions Morrissey. (Spells his name Stephen, but nevermind...)
  18. Nerak

    "Keir Starmer's Love For Morrissey & The Smiths Exposed" - Daily Express (April 25, 2020)

    Keir has hair & so does Morrissey. Sadly nothing more exciting than that unless you're a Labourite & you want to lament/decry that we're stuck between a rock & an intersectional hard place. Which I do. :swear :ahhh...
  19. Nerak

    Morrissey Central "The Worms Won't Listen" (April 25, 2020)

    Animals, again.
  20. Nerak

    Morrissey Central British Pub and Image of Our Times (April 21, 2020)

    I assume someone has been playing Morrissey in a pub? And the Queen's been on t.v. & they've photoshopped a Smiths t-shirt thingy.
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