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  1. Stoned

    Morrissey Cardboard UK Promo Display Hulmerist Video The Smiths not CD LP

    Just come across this one..... Cheers Moz
  2. Stoned

    Morrissey - Introducing Dvd Promo 2014 With Press

    Just spotted..... Cheers Moz
  3. Stoned

    Istanbul 7" single on HMV Japan (release date Sept 2014)

    Thank God Steven, finally a good news!! Cheers Moz
  4. Stoned

    The Smiths Shoplifters Rare Clear Vinyl 7" from box set

    Any thoughts onto this one ? Cheers Moz
  5. Stoned

    Collectors who don't post here anymore....sadly

    Well, three names spring to mind : One is Mikael who now posts regularly on allyouneedismorrissey , another one is Roky who has disappeared. I remember him getting hold of so much stuff in a very short period of time and , when after a particular item, he used to write ......"will pay top...
  6. Stoned

    I have been after this one for a long time now

    Should anyone have a copy and wants to sell , I am here. MORRISSEY Ringleader Of The Tormentors (Superb 2006 UK crew only customised A5 ring bound book with over 100 pages of information for the UK & European tour for April & May of that year, with details of tour personnel, venues, maps...
  7. Stoned

    WPINOYB Promo Cd

    It has not surfaced yet (as far as I know) but ....will it ever ? Cheers Moz
  8. Stoned

    WPINOYB Deluxe Edition for £ 6.79 Free Shipping and regular edition for £ 7.64 Free Shipping Not bad prices.... Cheers Moz
  9. Stoned

    Sneak Peek of the World Peace... booklet

    Could this be the final product ? worldpeaceisnoneofyourbusinessart by @madcao via Instagram (Source:
  10. Stoned

    Article: "World Peace Is None Your Business" [10 Inch Vinyl Indie Exclusive] 4 track EP released (Ju

    Re: Morrissey - World Peace Is None Your Business [ 10" ] Thanks for posting this! Cheers Moz
  11. Stoned

    Morrissey World Peace Is None Of Your Business sampler 2014 CD rare promo This Promo Cd could well promote the upcoming physical release of WPINOYB as a Vinyl Maxi Single ...
  12. Stoned

    promotional double cd /dvd album set - MORRISSEY- YOUR ARSENAL

    As far as I know, this was the very first set to appear on Ebay so...£ 106 is normal :D...
  13. Stoned

    Morrissey satellite of love new ltd 7" & 12" & promo sheet in stock

    Has any of you guys bought this and any info on this promo sheet ? Thanks a million Cheers Moz
  14. Stoned

    Morrissey on Alexandra Bastedo - TTY

    Very beautiful indeed! Sad she has gone that way.... Cheers Moz
  15. Stoned

    Autobiography by Morrissey: Audiobook released in the US (Dec. 21, 2013) - TTY

    Autobiography by Morrissey: Audiobook released today in the US - 21 December 2013
  16. Stoned

    Kill Uncle Reissue 2013 Promo Cd

    On sale at for £ 15. Have picked up a copy. Cheers Moz
  17. Stoned

    Article: “Morrissey has two albums’ worth of songs ready,” says guitarist Jesse Tobias - Uncut (Jan.

    Re: "Morrissey has two albums worth of songs ready..." - Jesse Tobias Thanks !! Let's just hope that something will eventually happen...... Cheers Moz
  18. Stoned

    Satellite of Love Promo cd

    :horny::horny::horny: Cheers Moz
  19. Stoned

    Morrissey 25 : Live DVD Promo

    For those who are interested.... Cheers Moz
  20. Stoned

    Morrissey promo - Let Me Kiss You 1 Track CD Single

    What are your thoughts on this one ? Never heard of its existence... Cheers Moz
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