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  1. hand in glove

    Day Falls Into Night

    But one light still remains
  2. hand in glove

    A Nightmare On Maudlin Street

    The Nightmare / Henry Fuseli In this particular dream, I walked into a dimly lit room. There were three tables. Lying on one of those tables was an old friend of mine from high school. She looked just as she did when we were kids. Shoulder length blonde hair, striking blue eyes, cute as a...
  3. hand in glove

    Comment by 'hand in glove' in 'Test blog'

    Er...I don't where :rock: came from! Sorry! :LOL:
  4. hand in glove

    Comment by 'hand in glove' in 'Test blog'

    Hmmmm…Well, I think the only problem I can see w:rock:ould be anonymous trolls posting comments. I'd like to see an option where only registered members can post a comment, not registered members AND guests. If you mean you'd like to have a private blog, then I'm not aware if that has changed or...
  5. Time Will Never Wipe You Out

    Time Will Never Wipe You Out

    When Alex died I was so devastated. Everything was difficult. Breathing was difficult. I had such a wonderful and soulful connection with him. If you don't understand animals you'll never understand that statement. I get it. "Where are your priorities?" "He was an old cat..." Yes, I've...
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