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- Morrissey appeals 1996 decision to Mike Joyce
- "Seasick, Yet Still Docked" - was there a video?

Oct 30 98 - Friday
Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Alainsane for the pics of the Moz O' Lantern he created. Check out his website for more. From Alainsane:

...All one needs to do in order to create a Moz ‘O Lantern the way I did it is to fine a pumpkin worthy photo. I went into my MS Photo Editor and made a stamp of the Severed Alliance picture. Then I made some adjustments in Paint to make the stamped picture a viable carving pattern, e.g. I connected the brows, and connected the nose to the cleft of the lip and connected that to the upper lip. The finished manipulated scan you see in black an white on my computer screen in one of the scanned photos. I printed it out at a size to fill an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and taped it to the face of the pumpkin. Then using my Wal-Mart gotten pumpkin carving set. I poked little holes all around the white areas (the portions to be cut out). Then I played connect-the-dots with the little saw and presto (5 hours later) I had my Morrissey Jack O’Lantern.

This one was only my trial effort, and I intend to do another the morning of Halloween because pumpkin degredation sets in very quickly. As it is, I have the original in my freezer like some perverted cryogenic/voodoo experiment...

moz4dav.jpg (14093 bytes)
The glowing pumpkin and the original source

moz4dav3.jpg (17633 bytes)
Somebody see my pumpkin?

Oct 29 98 - Thursday
"Seasick..." video followup

From a source close to the subject:

He only stayed at the shoot for about 1/2 hour - so there might be 5 mins of footage to cut from (close-up only) and that is a still from the day.

Court appeal - decision expected around the end of November

Thanks to Grant Coleby for the following:

In both the NME and Melody Maker this week are short snippets about the court appeal.  Both papers basically say the same thing: that the court heard evidence from the relevant parties and have reserved judgement on the final outcome.  A decision is expected sometime around the end of November.  The NME article also has a small picture of Moz which looks suspiciously like it was taken from the time of the original case in 1996.  Apart from these articles I haven't found any other item in the English national newspapers about the appeal - but maybe others have better eyesight than me.

And according to Naomi, the NME article also mentions there will be another as-yet-unscheduled hearing.

Morrissey/Smiths night in Chicago, Nov. 27

From Tony:

I am having a Morrissey/Smiths night on the 27th of November in Chicago at Delilah’s 2771 North Lincoln Avenue from 9pm to 2am. I have attached the pre-event flyer.

Oct 27 98 - Tuesday
"Seasick, Yet Still Docked" - was there a video?

Thanks to Imre from Hungary for the following:

I’ve read rumours about the "Seasick..." video before. It exists!!!

Link to page on Director/Cameraman Charles Wittenmeier.

wittenmeier_morrissey.jpg (8440 bytes) Morrissey
"Seasick, Yet Still Docked"

Well, I don't know if that's really proof, but if it the page is factual and consistent, the picture above would be a still from the video.

* 10/29 - followup from a source close to the subject:

He only stayed at the shoot for about 1/2 hour - so there might be 5 mins of footage to cut from (close-up only) and that is a still from the day.

Albuquerque signing report in MOJO

Thanks to Dave for the notice:

There is a short report about the recent signing session in this month's MOJO (with a photo of Moz). It also reports on the two hour radio show he did beforehand and how he wants to be removed from his contract with US Mercury.

* Speaking of the Albuquerque radio interview - I have received a copy and I hope to get it digitized within a week or so.

And regarding Morrissey's contribution to the New York Dolls production mentioned in the last update, I have heard from another person close to the matter that Morrissey hasn't agreed yet and as of now it is at the 'very tentative' stage.

Oct 24 98 - Saturday
Future projects

Sources anonymous, but reliable I am told. For your consideration:

...Morrissey’s next project will be a spoken word album (oh dear...?). The BBC are making a "Where Are They Now?" style documentary series about significant eighties bands, including one about The Smiths. Apparently they’ve got Johnny, Mike and Andy on board but (quite sensibly?) Morrissey is steering clear. Not much of a programme there then.

Rapido TV (makers of Rapido and Eurotrash) are currently in production with a series called Rock n’ Roll Babylon and have got Morrissey to contribute to a piece on the New York Dolls...

* 10/27 - another source states that Morrissey has not agreed to contribute to the New York Dolls piece, at the moment it's at the 'very tentative' stage.

Court case mentioned on

Thanks to Eddie for letting me know there is a mention of the court case on (not sure how Andy Rourke got so involved all of a sudden). "Mozza Goes A-Courting":

Morrissey returned to the High Court in London this week to appeal against the 1996 ruling that left him over a million pounds poorer following a suit brought by former Smiths members Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.

Rourke and Joyce sued Morrissey for performing and recording royalties; their QC claimed that Morrissey and Johnny Marr - the songwriting team behind The Smiths - had paid themselves four times as much as Joyce and Rourke without their knowledge. The appeal rests on a challenge to the understanding of the judge in the original case, Judge Weeks, about the original agreement between the members of The Smiths.

The case continues.

MEBY review at

Thanks to Adam Lupercio for the link to the review at An excerpt:

...While most of these songs have heard play before, most of them successfully reintroduce themselves on this collection. While the Enhanced CD is painfully empty, (A video for "Sunny" and nothing more) "My Early Burglary Years" does have something that hasn't been seen by the Morrissey of recent years, listenable, attractive songs.

Moz pic in Cosmo

Thanks to Jennifer for the notice:

...there is a small picture of Morrissey in the most recent issue of Cosmopolitan. The page is just a test-your-80’s music trivia kind of quiz. Well, that’s all I’ve to tell you.

Another one in "Print"

From Galen Clark:

The most recent issue of American graphic design magazine "Print" features the design of Swedish music magazine "POP" and shows photo of Vol 2 #3, with Morrissey on cover (black & white with pink overlay).

Here's a link to the translated interview from Jan. 1998.

See These Charming Men

From Dave Collins:

Would you please spread the word about These Charming Men... the premier Smiths tribute band in the UK!

See them live in London:

Fri 11 Dec... The Venue, New Cross, London SE14
tkts £3 before 9pm

Sat 12 Dec... The Red Eye, Islington London N1
tkts £5

the closest to a live Smiths show as you'll get!!!

Oct 22 98 - Thursday
"The View From The Stalls" - a first-hand account of the court appearance

Much thanks to Naomi for the fine details from her perspective of yesterday's court appearance - "The View From The Stalls". An excerpt:

...In addition, it was argued that the evidence of several accountants had been ignored relating to the period 1986/7, when the profit split had been clearly shown. The so-called "Wool Hall meeting" of May 1987 (i.e. when the band were recording at the Wool Hall), was referred to quite frequently, the point being that Mike Joyce’s failure to protest at this point implied that he agreed with the share of the profits he was being given. It was also held that there was a principle of inequality in the band (not just in financial matters) which had been evident to all from the very beginning:

"Without Morrissey and Marr there would have been no Smiths"...

Oct 21 98 - Wednesday
BBC news report on court appearance

Thanks to James Finlayson for the report:

I work at BBC Radio - I just found this report from Radio 5’s evening news on the court appearance and thought you might be interested...

18 31 Item 4 SMITHS IN COURT-18 05

So, the moody rock star who brought hope to millions of despairing teenagers has been at the Appeal Court today.

Morrissey is appealing against a High Court judge’s ruling that the former drummer of the Smiths - Mike Joyce - should be entitled to a quarter share of the bands earnings.

Morrissey’s lawyers are claiming that Joyce should have only got TEN percent - made from performances and record royalties.

Drivetime’s Mags Mackean’s been watching this.

So, Mags, what’s forming the basis of Morrissey’s argument??

** His lawyer Murray Rosen Qc is trying to convince Lord Justices Peter Gibson, Thorpe and Waller that Mike Joyce is only entitled to a ten percent cut of the band’s cash - from record loyalties and performances. Not the 25 percent share that a High Court judge ruled back in December 1996. It’s being argued that Morrissey formed The Smiths with his songwriting partner Johnny Marr - and there was never an equal partnership with Mike Joyce and bass guitarist Andy Rourke. (he infact dropped out of the row after being offered 83,000 grand back in 1989.)

The three appeal court judges were told today Marr and Morrissey had sole charge of the band’s affairs, signed contracts and organised the day-to-day business.

Mr Rosen QC told them, "They were The Smiths. Joyce and Rourke had little or no say other than performing with the band."

** So why then does Joyce reckon he should have got more than he did?

Well, the original high court ruling found in favour of Joyce - that he’d never been told he’d get ten percent of the group’s earnings - which split up after five years in 87. Joyce maintains he was never told Marr and Morrissey would get forty percent each.

** so what did the Judge say in the original High Court case then?

Morrissey was ordered to hand over around #1 million pounds.

The judge described him in the December 1996 ruling as "devious, truculent and unreliable" when giving evidence. He said he preferred the evidence of Joyce and Andy Rourke that they’d never been told they’d get just ten percent. Morrissey, who’s now working in the States, was at the hearing which is expected to last up to three days.

More court case details

Thanks to hazard for the following report from the Excite website review of today's news. Thanks also to Rachel Mckeon for a similar report from today's Manchester Evening News, where the report probably originated from:

last updated 21/10/98 17:02

A High Court judge made an "unjust and gratuitous attack" on the character of eighties pop hero Morrissey when he ordered him to hand over around £1 million to another former member of The Smiths, the Court of Appeal has heard.

Murray Rosen QC, representing singer Stephen [sic] Morrissey, said Judge Weeks' findings that drummer Mike Joyce was entitled to a quarter-share of the profits of the four-man band was a "reflection of comments against Mr Morrissey which were damaging and wholly unjustifiable".

The judge described Morrissey in his December 1996 ruling as "devious, truculent and unreliable" when giving evidence. He preferred the evidence of Joyce and bass guitarist Andy Rourke that they had never been told they would receive only 10% of the earnings of the band, which split after five years in 1987.

Morrissey is now trying to convince Lord Justices Peter Gibson, Thorpe and Waller that the High Court ruling was wrong and Joyce was entitled to only 10% of the band's earnings from performances and record royalties.

Mr Rosen said The Smiths was formed by Morrissey and his songwriting partner Johnny Marr and there was never an equal partnership with Joyce and Rourke, who dropped out of the action after being offered £83,000 in 1989.

Marr and Morrissey had sole charge of the band's affairs, signed contracts and organised the day-to-day business.

"They were The Smiths," said Mr Rosen. "Joyce and Rourke had little or no say other than performing with the band."
He claimed the bass player and drummer were aware from the outset they would receive only 10% of the band's profits and that Marr and Morrissey would get 40% each. It was agreed that Marr and Morrissey would share all the song publishing royalties, estimated at up to £3 million.

Mr Rosen said Judge Weeks had ignored the evidence of accountant Pat Savage who had told him that Rourke had confirmed his share was 10% in the presence of Joyce.

The hearing continues.

Oct 20 98 - Tuesday
Moz/Joyce appeal - tomorrow

Info from Grant:

The Moz/Joyce appeal will be heard in Court 64 at 10:45 am tomorrow (21st). The clerk who I spoke to said that Moz, Marr or Joyce were unlikely to be there in person and, instead, they will be represented by their respective lawyers. Public gallery is limited to about a dozen spaces plus standing room on a first come-first served basis. Apparently the court has been inundated with requests for info from the media so it looks like there will be several reports in Wednesday's papers. The Royal Court is situated in the Strand, WC2.

Oct 17 98 - Sunday
Deftones - "...make sure to buy MEBY"

From DDaiTheFlu:

I saw Deftones in Reno, Sept. 20th  ... Chino Moreno, the signer, who is known for being a HUGE Morrissey fan covered 3 Morrissey songs. Right when the Deftones came out Chino and Abe (the drummer) said together "make sure to buy My Early Burglary Years, it’s a must have" and then played "Dai The Flu". Deftones covered "Whatever Happens, I Love You", "Sister, I’m a Poet" and closed with "Speedway". Each cover was good, in my opinion, but each song had certain lyrics changed, most notable was at the end of "Speedway" Chino rapped "Life's a bitch, and then you die, thats' why we get high, cause you never know when you're gonna go".

Anyway thats my info on the Reno show and in Last month's "Alternative Press" which has Chino on the cover with a black and white photo. He is interviewed and says his biggest influences were Nick Cave and Morrissey. His fav. band of all time is the Smiths and a lil’ side photo of the Smiths is shown in the article.

* 10/17 - Additonal note from Scott Jay:

I just wanted to let you know that the little rap at the end of Deftone’s "Speedway" cover are lyrics from a Hip-Hop group named Mobb Deep...

The Rock-Haiku Connection

From Ali Fard:

There is a feature this month in Addicted to Noise that talks about the Rock-Haiku Connection. It’s a collection of haikus by Michael Stipe, Grant Lee Phillips and their friends during their time on tour. Here is a quote about the book: "The results are poetic meditations on everything from fear to hearing The Smiths on a Starbucks sound system to "the littlest ant in the world." I thought people might find this amusing.

The No-No's

From Ted Mitchner:

A Portland OR pop/punk band called The No-No’s have a song called "The Other" which talks about a female pop star, I think, saying:

"She’s a modern day Audrey Hepburn
A female Morrissey
She is stylish crass and careful
She’s the unknown quantity"

It’s on their new Chromosome Records release "Secret Luminaries." Their website is if anyone’s interested. By the way, it’s a great poppy garage album.

Alain Delon in court

News regarding The Queen Is Dead cover star from /dev/null:

I read in a news brief that "French actor Alain Delon" is in court this week, suing to prevent the release of an unauthorized biography of his life that he considers "slanderous."

Kind of tangental Morrissey relevance, but relevance nonetheless.

Swedish Morrissey fan club

Swedish fans, contact Tommy Gunnarsson for more info on a project about to get started.

MEBY release party - tonight in L.A.

From Brian:

I just read in the l.a. weekly about an early burglary years release party coming up:

Sunday, October 18

Morrissey "My Early Burglary Years" record release and giveaway DJ Jason Lavitt—"spinning gothic, electro, new romantic, darkwave" El Rey Theater: 5515 Wilshire Blvd (between La Brea and Fairfax)

10 PM til 2 AM
$5 with flyer before 11 PM/ $19 after (!)

Smiths Tribute in San Francisco, Nov. 7

From Kimberly:

New Wave City will be doing a Tribute to the Smiths in San Francisco on Nov. 7th. Go to: for the details.


Oct 15 98 - Thursday
"Charmed" theme song - "How Soon Is Now?"

Thanks to the many people who e-mailed about this one.

From Chris Truchan:

The WB’s new show "Charmed" with Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty features a Smiths cover. The song during the credits is "How Soon is Now" covered by Love Spit Love, the same one featured in "The Craft". How has Morrissey become so connected with witchcraft?

Albuquerque in-store story

Thanks to Melinda Hsu for letting me know that her great account (with lots of photos) from the Albuquerque in-store is on her website. Check out "Meeting duh Man (the short version!)

laughable.jpg (12593 bytes)

New Bomb Turks

From Anders Henningsen:

I was at a concert with American punk rock band New Bomb Turks here the other day.

When introducing a song from their new album (can’t remember the name of the album), the vocalist said: "This is a song from our latest album - Strangeways here we come".

He is known to be a fan of Morrissey and Chris Isaak Just thought I could mention it.

Oct 13 98 - Tuesday
Morrissey-solo back online

* That took slightly longer than expected. My apologies for the downtime - technical difficulties have been resolved and may it never happen again. Mail was down for most of the time also so if your e-mail bounced, please resend.

Thanks to everyone for your concern regarding the site.

Oct 02 98 - Friday
Morrissey v Joyce, Oct. 20 (or 21) court date

Thanks to Naomi for the rescheduled court date, on the 20th, or possibly the 21st of this month, taking place in London. Morrissey is appealing the Dec. 1996 decision which stated that he and Johnny Marr must pay Mike Joyce 1 million pounds for past royalties. Marr is not appealing the decision.

Andy Rourke book - not out yet

Follow-up on yesterday's item from Jens/Yeuz:

I got my info from I already ordered a copy, but got a mail today that it has not been published yet. Will keep you informed.

More Manchester on BBC's "Rock Family Trees"

From Naomi:

Next Friday (ie. not tonight), the BBC’s "Rock Family Trees" takes on ‘the Manchester scene’. I understand it concentrates mainly on the Joy Division / New Order axis, but there’s sure to be a Smiths mention or two in there somewhere.

* Reminder - this site will be down for a while sometime this weekend, hopefully not for too long. It will be back on Sunday at the earliest.

Oct 01 98 - Thursday
Andy Rourke book published? - "Within and Without: 'The Smiths'"

Thanks to Yeuz for the following info from sources unknown:

Within and without: "The Smiths" ( UK Edition)
Author: Rourke, Andy
Price: £17.99 Sterling
Biblio: 23cm. Ill.
Binding: Cloth
Published: August 1998
Publisher: Omnibus P

Duncan Sheik to cover "Reel Around The Fountain"

Thanks to cut here for the following:

According to JAMtv, Duncan Sheik is planning on covering "Reel Around the Fountain" for an ep included with his forthcoming album, Humming (Oct. 6). The ep will only be available at independent music stores.

Also covered on the ep are Depeche Mode, David Sylvian, Nick Drake and Dodgy.

Manchester travel guide in "The Atlantic Monthly"

From Daniel Cox:

FYI, in the current issue of The Atlantic Monthly there is a long-ish travel article about Manchester, England, talking about how central the clubs (like Hacienda) and music industry are to its economy and vitality.

The article is now on the Atlantic Monthly website - "Saturday Night at the Haçienda".

Manchester Online - The Smiths/Morrissey "Caught on the Web"

From Stefan Sahlander, a link to Manchester Online's "Caught on the Web -The Smiths/Morrissey" article. In their 'bi-weekly look at what the online world thinks of a link to Manchester, however tenuous it may be," they seem to think most of it's tenuous. Excerpt:

Weren't they that turgid lot way back when? 
Absolute sacrilege dear boy. Especially on the web. There is a stunning array of sites devoted to THE grandpapas of every Manchester band success story post-1989. In fact, the slick haired one known as Morrissey (or morose git even - oh sheer blasphemy and flog me with a bunch of gladioli) has almost unrivalled pop star coverage on the net,  with snappy website titles such as "Maudlin Street" and "Revelling in Misery". There's a veritable community, nay sect, nay cult, nay militia of miserablism. Goodness. PANIC. In fact, panic in the streets of Birmingham, panic in the streets of Manchester, hang the DJ etc etc...

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