News Archive : Sep 02 - 12, 1998
- Morrissey in-store, radio interview in Albuquerque, NM
- My Early Burglary Years released

Sep 12 98 - Saturday
Correction: Albuquerque radio interview - SUNDAY

I just heard the radio interview (The Edge?) will be on Sunday, rather than Monday - but I don't have specifics. Could someone from Albuquerque fill me in (and tape it also)? Thanks.

Dallas, TX radio interview (The Edge, 94.5 FM) - Sept. 20

From Josh:

I have a radio show in Dallas and Morrissey will be doing an interview on it one week from this Sunday night. If you’ve "got the stuff" it can be listened to over the web. That can be done at I also encourage everyone to write or email me with questions they’d like me to ask him...

To recap, the interview is on Sunday September 20th at 7p Central -- 10p Central. The entire show will feature talk with him, b-sides, live stuff, album tracks, singles, Smiths songs, originals of covers he’s done and plenty of giveaways.

Josh tells me his e-mail is temperamental so if it bounces, try sending it again a little later.

* (9/13 - note: this will be a phone interview, Morrissey will not be at the station.)
* (9/17 - note: interview cancelled)

"Hang The DJ" - the movie

From Stephane Daigle:

...there is a movie about DJs titled "Hang The DJ". I think the origin of the title is quite obvious. The movie is about New York DJs Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia along with a few others. They have a website at

Stephane would also like to inform everyone that his site, "Passions Just Like Mine" has found a home at Please update your links.

Adamski's Thing - video sample

Also from Stephane: the Adamski’s Thing latest video (titled ‘One Of The People’ I think), you can see the words "Does the body rule the mind / or does the mind rule the body / I dunno" flash through the images, one line at a time. The last line "I dunno" makes it obvious that they have the Morrissey words in mind. Of course our favourite idol won’t receive royalties for that.

thatjoke.jpg (12675 bytes)
scan by Fabio D'Antonio

"There Is A Light..." Italian Tribute

Reserve your copy now. From Fabio D'Antonio:

...since now it’s possible to reserve a copy of my tribute CD+BOOK, here is a copy of the infamous original photo of "That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore", that will be the layout cover of my Book (and maybe of the cd also).

RESERVE YOUR COPY out late 98 (ONLY 1000 will be pressed)


L’unico modo per avere il CD+Book tributo è prenotarlo o acquistarlo direttamente all’indirizzo editoriale. Da fine agosto 98 è possibile prenotare la vostra copia inviando un pagamento di sole L. 35000 (sono comprese le spese di spedizione) in contanti o tramite vaglia postale ordinario all’indirizzo editoriale (vedi sotto):

Consiglio: In caso di pagamento tramite vaglia (metodo più sicuro) mi raccomando di scrivere nell’apposita parte dedicata alle ‘Comunicazioni del mittente’ la dicitura: ‘Prenotazione Tributo Smiths’. In caso di pagamento in contanti in busta chiusa è consigliabile fare una raccomandata.


To reserve your own copy of the Italian Smiths Tribute CD+Book send a payment of 15 UK pounds (cash or International Money Order), all P&P enclosed. You’ll receive the copy as soon as it will be published.


To reserve your own copy of the Italian Smiths Tribute CD+Book send a payment of 25 US dollars (cash or International Money Order), all P&P enclosed. You’ll receive the copy as soon as it will be published.

send payment to:

for all details...

MEBY release party at Hot Rocks Records in Covina, CA - Monday

First with the info is Jonathan Valentine:

This Monday (Sept. 14) at 9pm Hot Rocks Records in Covina, CA will hold a release party for My Early Burglary Years. Their will be free giveaways, big discounts,and much, much, more! For more info you can email me at [email protected]

Hot Rocks address/phone from Adam Lupercio:

Hot Rocks Records of Covina
121 N. Citrus., Covina CA
(626) 967-7802

Smoking Popes on HBO's "Reverb" - Sunday

For those interested in that band from Chicago, from cut here:

...according to "Rock on TV", the Smoking Popes are going to be on the HBO-2 show "Reverb". It airs on Sunday, the 13th at 11:00 pm Eastern time.

Sep 09 98 - Wednesday
"Exit Smiling"

Thanks to Ross for the following:

This morning I received some interesting info from Babylon Books:

"Exit Smiling", the unreleased "3rd Morrissey" book is to be released by them after 18 years! The run is limited to 1000 copies, the book itself is 68 pages and is printed directly from the manuscript.

To order send £13.45 (include’ P+P) To:

Babylon Books
20 West Bank Road, Withington, Manchester, M20 4SX , UK

In addition to the more commonly known New York Dolls and James Dean books, according to Johnny Rogan's The Severed Alliance, Exit Smiling is "a brief directory of Hollywood also-rans" with references to Eve Arden, Sal Mineo, Rita Tushingham and Terence Stamp among others.

MEBY sleeve

Thanks to Andy Stanhope for a scan of the sleeve from

meby.jpg (11146 bytes)

Smiths/Morrissey party in Belgium, Sept. 26

Reminder from Peter Melis:

THE SMITHS/MORRISSEY Party, 26 September in Limelight Follies Kronenburgstraat 2000 Antwerp BELGIUM. with a giant video screen and a live act ("Golden Green" play Britpunk with covers of The Jam/The Smiths).

The party starts on 22.00u. for information :
Peter Melis Wijngaardstraat 5 2390 Westmalle Belgium. Tel.:0032 033120146.

Other party’s in the same place : 10 October BRITPOP Party, 14 November 80’s Classix Party.

Sep 05 98 - Saturday
Albuquerque in-store - more details

More details on the Sept 14 Albuquerque, NM in-store taking place at a local Blockbuster (phone #: 505-884-4848). This thing is definitely happening and I encourage everyone thinking of going to go and get there early.

Some more details:
  • Morrissey will be signing things just after midnight, because the My Early Burglary Years CD's cannot be legally sold until the actual release date - the 15th (midnight).

  • He will be interviewed on the radio station (The Edge) the day of the 14th.

  • An interview will also appear in the Albuquerque Post.

I hope many of you will be able to make it and I look forward to any reports, stories, or photos from those who do.

johnnypanic.gif (10355 bytes)Johnny Panic review / interview on Sampler

Thanks to LuLuLaRue for the following:

Check out

There’s a review of Alain Whyte’s new band’s( Johnny Panic) show in London, plus an interview with Alain and other band members.

An excerpt from the interview:

So if this band really takes off big time would you move away from Morrissey?
Mark : As long as it doesn't interfere with what we're doing I can't see any reason why Alain can't work with us as well... but if it clashes we might have to butt heads a little bit!

Alain : I have a good working relationship with Morrissey... I've been the main song writer on the last 4 albums which I'm very proud of. He understands I can't sit around for 8 or 9 months not working...

"Dead Man's Curve" (now "The Curve") - clarifications...

...regarding the movie mentioned in the last update. From Brian Corasaniti:

FYI, "Dead Man’s Curve" was made a while ago, long before "Dead Man On Campus." It was an independently financed film that has had distribution trouble. Interestingly, one of the stars of the film appeared on MTV’s Loveline probably a year ago after the film had been filmed. There, he discussed the distribution problem and expressed hope the film will get out. MTV, of course, produced "Dead Man On Campus." My conspiracy theory is that MTV rushed this movie out, liking the concept, and hoping the other film wouldn’t get released beforehand. Unfortunately, "Dead Man’s Curve" will now be criticized for copying "Dead Man On Campus." Reason 101 why I hate MTV.

And from Mike:

It has been retitled "The Curve" (the website hasn’t changed yet) and is set for release next February, in the USA at least... the distributor (forget who exactly) wanted to distance the film from "Dead Man On Campus"

Ironically, there is a tidbit about "The Curve" in the recent UNCUT w/Morrissey on the cover... The UNCUT feature states the film arrives in the UK on October 9 (don’t know if this is going to change)

The film was photographed primarily at the college I recently graduated from, Towson Univeristy, in the outer Baltimore area of Maryland, USA...

The director/writer of the film, Dan Rosen, is a graduate of Towson and previously wrote the wonderful dark comedy, "The Last Supper" which I highly recommend checking out if you have not done so already...

One more curious anecdote, "Dead Man On Campus," the rival film, features a graduate of Towson as well who has appeared in many American commercials....(forget his name)"

Durutti Column in Manchester, Sept. 14

From James in Fallowfield:

The Durutti Column are playing here in Manchester on Monday 14th Sept. Details are here.

The festival should produce some familiar Manc faces.

Banner ads

An experiment - if you've got a Morrissey-related site you'd like to advertise on this site (free), please send them to me. I'll also take any comical/satirical-type banners if anyone feels creative! No commercial ads allowed.

The banner should be in gif format and less than 20k in size. Dimensions should be no greater than 420 pixels wide, 80 pixels high. They should look similar to other banners you see around the web and animated ones are ok.

Please e-mail them to me within a couple weeks and let me know what URL to link to and what name/e-mail I should give credit to. Thanks.

Sep 02 98 - Wednesday
Morrissey in-store appearance - Albuquerque, NM - Sept. 14

To promote the release of My Early Burglary Years, Morrissey will be appearing at a local Blockbuster in Albuquerque, NM on Monday, Sept. 14 (before midnight).

There may also be an interview with the local radio station called The Edge, perhaps earlier in the day on the 14th.

Alain and Moz no longer?

Thanks to Andy Stanhope for the following:

...I was reading tonight’s Evening Standard [9/1] and saw something that might interest you in the Hot Tickets section advertising gigs in London tonight. Here it is:

Johnny Panic
- This four-piece exude the nonchalant aura of rockers who’ve spent their lives drinking in sleazy bars, despite the fact that they hail from Wiltshire. Their forthcoming debut single, When I Drink I Love You More, is an exuberant celebration of the life-enhancing qualities of alcohol. The band feature former Morrissey cohort, Alain Whyte, on guitar, so jangly, dark pop should be the order of the day. The Monarch, NW1, doors 8pm. 0171 916 1049.

So are Moz and Alain no longer acquaintances? - The plot thickens.

Boz Boorer's exciting night out

Thanks to Ronin for the following:

I think this might interest some Moz fans, especially those living in Dublin. Boz Boorer is coming over to Ireland this month on the 11th of Sept. to do a fantastic weekend of gigs all around Dublin city. There are three bands altogether playing that weekend, Boz and Bozman, Shillelagh Sisters ( ex member of Bananarama Jackie stars ) and Steve Hooker Band. The venues are as follows:

the Da club - Friday 12th Sept.
Bridge bar - Saturday 12th Sept
Eamon Dorans - Sunday 13th Sept.

All shows start at 9pm. They are here to promote (and celebrate) the availability of some of the records from Boz’s label ‘nv’ of the bands mentioned above (and more). These have never been either available to buy over here or have long since been forgotten. All are welcome on the night and hopefully if enough people turn up the organizers wants to make a rockabilly night /weekend a regular thing on in Dublin, which is not a bad thing.

"Girlfriend In A Coma" to appear on "Dead Man's Curve" soundtrack

Thanks to Kevin Thompson for this item:

"Girlfriend In A Coma" will appear in the forthcoming black comedy "Dead Man’s Curve". The film is expected to be on at the theater in autumn. The film is about a couple of college students trying to get a’s by forcing their roommate to suicide!!!

This film sounds just like the recent "Dead Man on Campus" doesn't it?

More fan pix of Moz at KCXX

Thanks to Melinda for letting me know about some more pictures (taken by Maria Martinez) outside the KCXX studio are on her page.

Speedway issue 12 is out

From Fabio D'Antonio:

speedway12.jpg (4084 bytes)SPEEDWAY ISSUE 12 - August 98

24pages A4 size, printed in blue ink: All the news (December 97 - June 98), "Michael‘s Bones", "East West" and "Oh Well, I‘ll Never Learn", "Now I Am A Was", "This Is Not Your Country" lyrics; LOST japan single review, Maladjusted Usa Tour part 2... and much more!

UK - EUROPEAN FANS: To receive issue 12 at home send 4 Uk pounds (cash) or 5 IRC to editorial address: Fabio D’Antonio - po box 7 - 64013 Corropoli (TE) - ITALY.

USA - CANADA - REST OF THE WORLD FANS: To receive issue 12 at home send 7 Usa dollars (cash) or 6 IRC to editorial address: Fabio D’Antonio - po box 7 - 64013 Corropoli (TE) - ITALY.

24pagine formato A4, stampata in tipografia: Tutte le news giorno per giorno su Morrissey (Dicembre 97 – Giugno 98), testi di "Michael‘s Bones", "East West" e "Oh Well, I‘ll Never Learn"; altre recensioni di MALADJUSTED... i testi delle b-sides di Satan Rejected My Soul (Now I Am A Was - This Is Not Your Country), LOST - RARE TRACKS... interviste tradotte in italiano (Melody Maker 9/8/97 - Pop Vol 2 N° 3); Maladjusted Usa Tour data per data ... e molto di piu’.

FANS ITALIANI: Per ricevere il numero 12 direttamente a casa inviare L. 10000 (tramite vaglia o contanti all’indirizzo editoriale: Fabio D’Antonio - po box 7 - 64013 Corropoli (TE) - ITALY, sono comprese le spese di spedizione).

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