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- Morrissey and Marr reunion rumors
- Morrissey interview on KCXX radio (San Bernardino, CA)

Aug 27 98 - Thursday
KCXX followup

Another mention in the Riverside Press Enterprise (Aug. 23): "Flock of Morrissey fans was out in full force". Thanks to Debi for the submission. An excerpt:

...Afterward, "it took us 20 minutes to get from the door to the car," which was only a few feet away. "It was just like the Beatles," he said. Girls were screaming, guys were crying. DeSantis, two other staffers, a sizable bodyguard and three police officers struggled to get the English singer into the vehicle. "I found myself pulling people off Morrissey. He was just getting pummeled." But of course, in a loving way...

"Hit List"

First with the mention in this week's Melody Maker's "Hit List" (the writers' chart, written by Dave Simpson incidentally) is Naomi:

"This is not my country" (sic, sic, sic)

A B-side burial for a timely comment on the Irish problem and the best thing His Nibs has done in a decade.

MEBY release party - San Francisco, Sept. 17

This event is organized by Marilyn:

Celebrate the release of My Early Burglary Years

September 17, 1998
at The Blarney Stone
5701 Geary Blvd.
(21st Avenue)
9:00p.m. - 2:00a.m.


These Charming Men details

Some details/history of the Smiths cover band These Charming Men, from David Collins:

...please find details of THESE CHARMING MEN, playing in London and the South-East, always looking for places to play to hard-core Smiths fans, willing to travel, any publicity welcome!!

Aug 23 98 - Sunday
KCXX transcripts, new pictures

A full audio transcript is now available on the newly created "Morrissey at KCXX" page. RealAudio player required. Thanks to Melinda Hsu for providing the audio tape. Only a few seconds at the beginning is cut off but I don't think anything was really missed.

Thanks also to Melita and Debi for new pictures of the event, inside and outside the studio.
melita3-sm.jpg (3634 bytes)

A full text transcript of the interview is also available courtesy The Comtesse DeSpair:

I finally finished transcribing the KCXX interview and it’s available on my site at:

I cut out a lot of the extraneous, redundant DJ commentary to make it a bit less boring but otherwise it’s virtually intact. I would love to add some pictures to the page that were taken by fans at the taping, but alas, I have none so if anyone is kind enough to offer a nice image to me, I will be immensely grateful. Thanks!

Myra Hindley play

From Vana Thayu:

I’m not sure if this has made it onto the board recently, but following is a BBC Online piece I found on a new British play about Myra Hindley...

Myra play causes a stir

Smiths fans will of course recall Myra and her cohort Ian Brady from the ill-fated tune "Suffer Little Children" (but still a personal favorite of mine).

Craig Gannon with Roddy Frame

From Gladioli:

I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone but I post it for old time’s sake: Yesterday (20th August) I went to see my pop hero Roddy Frame, ex-Aztec Camera, now solo, in Edinburgh. I was surprised, and should I say moved, to see Craig Gannon as his guitar player!! Of course, Craig used to be in Aztec Camera before joining The Smiths but the last time I saw A.C. three years ago in Manchester he was not with them. He’s changed a lot... Actually my boyfriend who is also a huge Smiths fan, hardly recognised him! He’s sort of bigger and he doesn’t look at all like a "piss-head" (see Rogan’s book). On the contrary, he looked very shy and his playing style is the same as it was on the stage with Moz and Marr...

Mention in Arab Strap review

From PeynaX:

In the Rolling Stone (September 3rd Issue) Arab Strap review (Philophobia, Matador Records) by Joe Gross:

"...while "I Would've Liked Me a Lot Last Night" (Morrissey, your solicitor is on line one) sums it all up with "I fell out with my lover, I fell out with my friends / I'm still trying to work out where the weekend ends."

Aug 19 98 - Wednesday
MEBY-press-slv.gif (9429 bytes) My Early Burglary Years sleeve

Here's a look at a low-res b/w scan of the sleeve from a
press/catalog listing. The photo is taken circa 1990 by Kevin Cummins I believe.

Electronic album status

From Dave Simpson:

...following the intriguing article posted re: the Mercury exit and a possible Marr reunion, I can give you some details re Electronic. There was an album scheduled for very, very soon (about a month ago I was promised tapes "any day"), but this has now been taken off the schedule and is thought unlikely to appear before next year. Apparently there is some debate over the tracks listing etc. The material is said to be "very guitary, a lot harder".

Given Bernard’s re-activity with New Order (and gigs are being pencilled in beyond Reading) it would seem a reunion with Mozzer may not be entirely out of the question for Johnny (give or take a lost million quid). Although I’d say the chances of Rourke and Joyce being involved are about as slim as Rick Witter.

(Rick Witter is the singer of Shed Seven by the way. Check the first article in the April 17 - 30 archive.)

"Britain's all time pop 100"

From Gemma Wearing:

British Marketing Research Bureau for Mojo magazine... asking 5,000 people to name their favourite recording artist of all time". It was called "the largest ever [British] poll of musical tastes". Sadly, neither Morrissey nor The Smiths were in the list. Here’s the relevant bit of the article:

<<The biggest surprise, according to Mr Snow [Mojo’s editor], was not those who were in, but those who were not. He could find no reason for the exclusion of the Smiths, for example. Where were the teenage boys that hung on Morrissey’s every word?

"For a generation of white rock fans and sensitive young people, the Smiths were the No 1 act. Perhaps the fans started listening to other things which are more on their mind."

The Smiths are not the only surprise omission. Precious few 1980s acts appear, nor do the Who, the Sex Pistols, T Rex, or the Clash.>>

It was disappointing to see that the article reinforced the stereotypical image of a Moz fan.

A small black and white picture of Morrissey was included, I think from around 1992. Rather predictably, the Beatles were number 1. If anyone’s interested, you can e-mail me for the full list.

Aug 15 98 - Saturday
Morrissey and Marr reunion rumors

Rumors floating around radio stations probably originated from the following article, "Morrissey To Finally Kiss And Make Up With Marr?" from

Mercury Records were curiously vague when we called to ask them the unthinkable question (in our book anyway): Did they really drop Morrissey? Three weeks ago, the label assured us that he was still in the stable, but now news has leaked out that they have opened the barn door -- and cut the venerable -- but very difficult -- artist loose after what must have been the courtship of the century.

The former Smiths singer's deal with Reprise ran its course back in 1996, and the big-wigs at the Mercury, certain that Warners were in a rush to resign him (they weren't), rushed in and swept him off his feet. They not only reportedly offered him 4 million dollars for a two-record deal, but they also took him out to lunch with former New York Dolls singer David Johansen. Why? Because when Morrissey was a mere teen, he was the president of the UK Chapter of the original glam-rockers fan club. Apparently everyone was aghast when Maladjusted did so poorly -- especially Morrissey, who reportedly harangued label president Danny Goldberg with constant phone calls until the latter just stopped taking them. It didn't even cut any ice that the singer had recently snared UK's coveted Ivor Novello Award. Enough -- or should we say not enough -- was enough.

For Mercury at least. Morrissey's old home team, Reprise, is releasing his tasteful collection of B-sides and odds and sods titled My Early Burglary Years, which will be on shelves September 15. According to our sources, Morrissey is both without a manager and a label, but hopefully that won't be for too long. Rumors abound that he has been trying to patch up his decade-long feud with Smiths' co-founder and guitarist Johnny Marr with an eye to putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Now this is the reunion we've all been waiting for -- and if it's indeed true, Morrissey's timing couldn't be more perfect, since Marr's partner-in-crime in Electronic, Bernard Sumner, recently took a leave of absence from the band they formed back in 1988 to play with his old band mates in New Order last month at Manchester's Apollo. It was the band's first gig in five years -- and it was such a magic moment that they all decided to get together and enter the studio to record some new material -- leaving poor Johnny to fend for himself.
-Jaan Uhelszki

KCXX memories

Thanks to Morizey for this picture of Morrissey and mob at the radio station last Sunday (click to enlarge):

mob1-sm.jpg (19367 bytes)

Tattoos, continued

When asked at the KCXX interview what the weirdest thing he has been asked to sign (that he could say on the radio), Morrissey said "...probably the back of somebody's neck. And the next day I see the same person and it's tattooed... that happens very frequently."

Thanks to Asher Luisi, subject of the
previously mentioned picture in Tattoos For Men for the scan (click to enlarge):

aluisi-tatt-sm.jpg (16328 bytes) I was browsing the news and I saw that some one put up a story about a Morrissey tattoo. Well that tattoo belongs to me. My name is Asher Luisi I live in Orange County, CA. The tattoo was done by my neighbor and very good friend Jason Martin who works currently out of Tattoo Magic in Garden Grove, CA. If you have any feedback about the tattoo, you want one by my friend or just want to say hi e-mail me at [email protected]. I hope all you Moz fans like my tattoo because I do.

And from Norm Simpson:

I recently had a MOZ tattoo done myself.. It's on my site (with description) at:

I was hoping to have others send me theirs so I can show off a few..
nsimpson-tatt-sm.jpg (13121 bytes)

Aug 13 98 - Thursday
"Still vaguely alive", Goodbye Mercury, and "How soon is now?"

Thanks to Josh for the following:

...I’m a DJ here in Dallas and we get a daily fax of alternative news. Today had news on Moz.

He says he’s doing a few interviews "to remind people... that I’m still vaguely alive." The fax also states he HAS left Mercury and will not record anything until a new home has been found. What he would "like to do now" is go on the road. Not a "really big and important" tour though. He said he’d like to play "colleges and universities... wherever people would like to see me, and go to the strangest places, the oddest places." How soon will that be? "That’s a critical question. How soon is now? I still don’t know."

KCXX info...

...slowly coming in.

Thanks to Roger Shannon for the (long)
log of the KCXX IRC chat.

And thanks to Jason G. for the article which appeared in the Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise, Aug. 9:

...Stay home, tape it (9-11 p.m.) and use it to torture your friends and Morrissey’s Internet cliques.

Paul Kelly in Pulse!

From Vauxhall Station: the July 1998 issue of Pulse! (Tower Records’ music magazine) there is an article on Paul Kelly (written by Bill Forman) which contains a Morrissey reference:

"Some of Kelly’s favorite artists show a similar willingness to walk the line between the brilliance and embarrassment. 'It’s what I like about Neil Young. It’s what I like about Morrissey. I think that when they sort of tip over the edge, they’re really bad, but when they’re right on the edge, they’re really great. Nick Cave is like that too. He can be great, he can be just awful. I mean, all of us can be like that. I don’t mind people over-reaching.'"

Johnny Panic in Melody Maker

From Gemma Wearing: the latest Melody Maker (issue for August 15). It’s on page 19, under the title "THE HIT LIST: Advance tapes, promo CDs... and the odd office favourite". Here’s the text:

When I Drink I Love You More
(Fortunate single)

Full marks for the title, half marks for the song. More Smiths-like than The Smiths, but excused as Alain Whyte was in Mozzer’s last band.

They seem more well-informed than Uncut, spelling Alain’s name right (Uncut had "White"), but Mozzer’s "last" band? What, if anything, are they on about?

Ah well, best not to bother wondering I suppose...

Mikel Erentxun in Eres

From Karina:

...While I’m flipping through the issue (the Spanish mag Eres, July 16, Year 11, # 14, w/ Garbage on cover) I come across an interview with Mikel Erentxun. This is the artist who has covered the Smiths ‘There is A Light’ and Moz’s ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’.

This is the translation of the question asked by the interviewer Alberto Rojas Eguiluz. Note how They mispelled Morrissey, with one ‘S’:

Q: In "Naufragios" there was a cover of The Smiths and now you do one of Morrisey, why are they so special in your music?

A: That’s right, I recorded "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and I titled it, "Todo es igual siempre" (Everything is the same always). I admire Morrisey a lot and it was more of a coincidence, I know that it’s a bit crazy for one to have two covers by the same writer in three albums, but I did it thinking more in the song than the author. I identify with this song a lot.

He also goes on to say how the challenge of being known for his own versions of such strong tracks, as difficult as it may be, attracts him.

Aug 10 98 - Monday
The KCXX interview...

...went off last night as planned. If anyone has any stories, photos, or any more details please send them in. I'll try to digitize the interview soon but first I need a copy. Did anyone get a good recording? Here's a short summary for now:
  • Basically to promote the forthcoming compilation, every track off of My Early Burglary Years was played during the two-hour interview. Morrissey gave some background on just about every track and took questions from callers.

  • Morrissey said that he wanted to tour "as soon as possible" and ideally it would be a "college tour".

  • The turnout at the small station was larger than expected, perhaps 150 to 200 people I would say. Several people got autographs during his arrival and throughout the interview items were sent in and autographed. During station breaks, Morrissey could be seen from outside walking the hallways and posing for pictures. The crowd did get a little out of hand as Morrissey was leaving the station, reportedly some fans jumped on him and police actually had to use mace or pepper spray on one of them. Some cars and station property may have been damaged also.

  • Contest winners got to meet with Morrissey in a separate room during the interview for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Aug 08 98 - Saturday
KCXX interview - more details

Station address (map):
740 W. 4th St.
San Bernardino, CA 92410

On the station's playlist page: "Don't forget... Morrissey will be live on the Sunday Night Music Meeting, August 9th. Tune in and join the chat!" I've been told Morrissey won't be in the chat - it's more of a place for people just to talk while the show is going on. However, they may take a few questions from the chat. (Someone please save me a log).

I have heard from a couple of people who won some sort of contest I assume was put on by the radio station. 5 people were chosen to join Morrissey in the studio for the interview.

That's about it. I'll try to digitize the interview for the site if I get a copy.

Morrissey mention in The Guardian

From Andy Stanhope:

...Morrissey is mentioned in today’s Guardian [Aug. 7], in the Friday Review section. The article is about Glam Rock and the Velvet Goldmine film and Moz is mentioned in one paragraph. This extract reads:

"What has endured from the period (glam rock) - as well as the legacy of neo-dandyism that later found its figurehead in arch-Dolls fan Morrissey - is some extraordinary music, and not just the Top 10 stuff"

There's a surprise, Moz associated with the New York Dolls and Glam!!!!

Moz tatt

From Jeff Pelletier:

I was browsing at a local mag rack and found a great tattoo of Morrissey. Someone in Newport Beach, Ca. tattooed a bust shot of Morrissey on his calf...

the mag is "Tattoos for Men", Issue #20

sorry no scan....

Billy Bragg again

From Jonathan Seinen:

Billy Bragg performed last night here at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and in the middle of a great set, put his guitar down and danced around during "California Stars (?)". After the song, he commented on his dancing moves (which included swinging arms, bending over, clapping of hands and just general strutting around) by saying, "I was taught to dance especially by Morrissey". The three Morrissey fans in the crowd screamed, and Billy said "You shouldn’t scream like that on a cool night like this - You’ll get a sore throat."

Aug 05 98 - Wednesday
KCXX interview

Can I get a headcount of who's going to the studio on Sunday? I know it's a bit hard to believe that Morrissey is doing an interview in San Bernardino, but you have my word that this is not some hoax or late April Fool's Day joke.

Also, can I get a volunteer to tape it for the site?

meby-pr-front-sm.jpg (10156 bytes) My Early Burglary Years - advance promo sleeve scan

Thanks to some of my coworkers for securing me a copy of the MEBY promo. Click here to see scans of the front and back, and the inlay text.

Gear's "Ultimate Record Collection"

From Arthur Chan:

I just received the premiere issue of the new magazine called "Gear" (a cross between Details and Interview) and in their records section, there is a column called "Ultimate Record Collection". It’s purpose it to tell you all the records one should have to "elevate your collection to greatness." As should be, Hatful of Hollow is the first listed! The writer proclaims the album, "a defining moment in British music." as well as the "scalding anguish" of the Morrissey/Marr duo "a bitter recrimination to a drab and selfish decade..."

...Two other albums are mentioned, Document by REM and Autobahn by Kraftwerk.

Aug 02 98 - Sunday
Report: Morrissey to appear on KCXX radio, Aug. 9

Thanks to Ben for letting the cat out of the bag. Here's the info:

On Sunday, August 9, Morrissey will be at KCXX 103.9fm (website: sometime between 9 and 11 pm (PDT). KCXX "The Inland Empire's Alternative Rock" serves a relatively small population of Southern California (San Bernardino, Riverside, and Lake Arrowhead), which is about 45 minutes outside of L.A.  (I had never heard of the station myself before this, and I live in L.A.)

Looking at the website, this matches the time slot for the show called "The Sunday Night Music Meeting" with host Dwight Arnold. It is also mentioned on the website that people can interact with the host and guest during this show with IRC chat. Instructions are on the X103.9 X-Chat page. I am not sure what the station has planned for this event, however. If anyone finds out more info during the week please let me know.

The station is said to make the formal announcement on Monday. Also, I've been informally asked if anyone has any good suggestions for questions to be asked during the interview. If so, e-mail it to me with the subject "KCXX question" by Thursday and I'll forward it on. Again, I have no idea what the station has planned.

Smiths tribute: I Know It's Over, Oct. 27, 1998

From Stefan Sahlander:

A Smiths Tribute
"I Know It’s Over"
Release Date: October 27, 1998

Rain Still Falls: "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
The Gloria Record: "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"
Mid Carson July: "How Soon Is Now?"
Only Airplanes Count: "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"
Tuesday: "Still Ill"
Pinko Pinko: "Half A Person"
The Blacktop Cadence: "Well I Wonder"
The Potatomen: "These Things Take Time"
Hand On Heart: "I Know It's Over"
Pop Unknown: "Shoplifters of the World Unite"
Braid: "This Charming Man"
The Get Up Kids: "William It Was Really Nothing"/undecided
At The Drive In: "This Night Has Opened My Eyes"
Compound Red: "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
Stalag Seventeen: "Bigmouth Strikes Again"
Far Apart: "A Rush And A Push"
Miracle of 86: "Ask"
Lazycain: "Handsome Devil"
Buford: "Panic"
Samiam and Green Day: "Cemetery Gates"
Starmarket: undecided

Smiths in August "Total Guitar"

From Stephane Daigle:

I just thought I’d mention that the August 1998 issue of Total Guitar magazine (from the UK) comes with a cd with "Back To The Old House", the instructions inside on how to play it acoustic, and a few words on the band.

Martin McCarrick of Therapy?

From Sven Keiselt:

I´ve just a read an interview with Martin McCarrick of Therapy? in the German Punk-magazine "Wahrschauer" in which he was asked about their "Vicar in a Tutu"-version on "The Smiths Is Dead".

His answer (re-translated :-)):

"’Vicar In A Tutu’ was the first song which we played in the new band-formation. We are fans of The Smiths but we wanted to sound our version not like the original one and so we recorded it with much more guitars and an even different melody-line."

"Everyday Is Like Sunday" - anti-summer song?

From Tea Ellilä:

This I what I saw in the major Finnish newspaper today, in the weekly supplement about the best ever summer songs. Morrissey's "Everyday Is like Sunday" was listed with John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John's "You're The One That I Want", Gyllene Tiders "Sommartider", Bananarama's "Cruel Summer", Madonna's "Holiday", Don Henley's "The Boys Of Summer", Diana King's "Shy Guy" and some Finnish songs that you'll never hear about.

The text about Morrissey is as follows: Everyday is like Sunday / Everyday is silent and gray./ translated: The king of depression's melodramatic sketch about the seaside town that they forgot to bomb is an anti-summer hit. It's sad to say that in the Finnish weather conditions one can relate to this song embarras
singly often.

Boz pic on "That Crazy Beat" site

From Duncan the Shammy:

I found this pic of Boz on "That Crazy Beat" (Dutch rockabilly band’s site). Boz did the engineering for their latest record. They talk a little about Boz’s reputation in the rockabilly world. All bow and revere the great BOZ!!!

The url is:

Billy Bragg mentions Morrissey

From Nancy Marshall:

I attended the Billy Bragg show last night [7/30] in Chicago during which Billy did a funny little dance to one of his songs that involved turning his back to the audience, lying his hands against his lower back (palm side up) and wiggling his fingers (as if they were feathers). Later, in between songs, he said to the audience "I know you’re not sure if you can dance at a Billy Bragg gig, I’m not sure myself, How does one dance to Billy Bragg?, I just did that little thing there, Morrissey showed me how to do it."

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