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- Report - Ivor Novello Award to Morrissey and Marr
- Summer festivals in Europe?

Mar 30 98 - Monday
Ivor Novello Award to Morrissey and Marr - report

Word from Maggie is that Morrissey and Johnny Marr will receive this honor soon. A description of the award from Maggie:

The Novello Award is a prestigious award that will be presented to both Morrissey and Johnny Marr in London, sometime in April. They will accept their awards separately...

Roskilde is not confirmed - ??

Another one of those situations in which management "have not heard anything", from P:

I sent an email to the organisers of Roskilde asking them if it was 100% official that Morrissey would be playing and they didn’t confirm... Furthermore, one of my best friends rang Morrissey’s management both in Britain and in the U.S. and they said they hadn’t heard anything! Let’s not forget Glastonbury ‘92 and Carnegie Hall ‘94. I think this is a very serious matter - I don’t really fancy going all the way to Denmark only to find out Morrissey never intended to play in the first place...

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Mar 26 98 - Thursday
Roskilde is confirmed

Regarding the June Festival in Denmark, from Stefan Krix:

Enclosed pls find the answer to my question to IBD regarding German concerts. No fixed German concerts yet - but Roskilde is confirmed!

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Ibdmunich <[email protected]>
Datum: Mittwoch, 25. März 1998 00:19

Betreff: Re: Morrissey Konzerte 1998

>keine angaben fuer Deutschland bis dato..
>roskilde ist confirmed

And from Peter Krogh:

...the website for the Roskilde Festival in their newsletter no.4 today announces Morrissey among the "LEGENDS" that are coming to the festival this summer - the other legends are Kraftwerk and Iggy Pop... so I guess that´s good company to be in!

So let´s hope that Morrissey doesn´t pull out of this one - this year there are no David Bowie´s to argue with!!!!

Tim Booth claims crush

Thanks to Eric Gordon for this:

I recently bought the latest issue of the British music and movie mag called "Uncut". The issue features an article on the band James. The lead singer, Tim Booth, speaks about Morrissey and claims that Moz had a crush on Tim back in the early eighties.

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Mar 24 98 - Tuesday
Morrissey question on "My Generation"

Thanks to John Szolscek for the following:

Just a silly thing I saw on TV. VH1 has a music game show called "My Generation". One of the categories gives you three album titles, after which you guess the artist. Today’s episode featured one with "Bona Drag, Your Arsenal, Kill Uncle". Someone guessed Def Leppard and then the question went to the opposing side who were themselves quite ignorant, but at least didn’t attempt a ridiculous answer.

More on the Roskilde festival

Confidence is high from Peter Krogh:

...(It is) quoted that the festival is known for not keeping what they promise.

I have only one answer - that´s NOT true!!! If an act doesn´t turn up it´s clearly not the festivals fault - and 99% of the acts they announce turns up and it´s one THE best festival in Europe, not just according to me. But believe me, I´ve been there 12 times in a row and it´s wonderful - this year even more because the very, truly wonderful person MORRISSEY is coming!

Don´t believe rumours but believe the facts from the official Roskilde website - and yes however strange it seems it´s true. He IS coming.

Mar 23 98 - Monday
Roskilde festival in Denmark (June)?

Another festival spotting - thanks to Martin Pederson for this:

According to the official web-site of the Roskilde festival, Morrissey is playing at the Roskilde festival in Denmark 25-28 of June.

The festival is known not to keep their word, but let's hope they do it this time.

Announcement -- Moz-fest in Toronto, March 29

From Paul Zeal:

For anybody and everybody!
Bitter Baby presents:

Sunday March 29 @
the Velvet Underground
510 Queen Street W. Toronto, ON
10:00 pm

$5 at the door/ 19+
britpop, retro-80’s, Morrissey/Smiths (every 4 songs). there will also be prizes.

Steve Lillywhite pic

Thanks to Chris for letting me know a pic of Steve is in the liner notes to Kirsty MacColl's Electric Landlady. Thanks also to Stefan Sahlander for the link to more production credits. Both have been added to the Steve Lillywhite profile.

Sylvain Sylvain

Thanks to Nancy Marshall for this item:

sylvain.jpg (4159 bytes)
image from the New York Dolls compilation Rock 'n Roll

I was in Tower Records on Clark in Chicago yesterday (3/22) and suddenly two guys were on a little stage playing/singing some songs. Turned out one of the guys is a former member of the New York Dolls. He appeared there to promote his new cd (don’t know the name of it). He is Sylvain Sylvain.

...It made my Sunday afternoon to unexpectedly come across one of the N.Y. Dolls putting on a little show.

Mar 20 98 - Friday
Steve Lillywhite profile

Info on current producer Steve Lillywhite has been added to the People section. Thanks to Chris Lark for providing discography information and my mother for finding the text of of the Billboard interview from 1994 (suggested by Chris) at her library. If anyone has a picture of Steve please let me know.

Mar 18 98 - Wednesday
June / July festivals in Germany?

Thanks to Stefan Krix for the latest:

Fresh from the website of Morrissey´s agent for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, IBD

MORRISSEY: June/July Festivals - Germany only

Morrissey link of the day

Thanks to Naomi for the link to "A Quiet Night In With Morrissey", a poetry reading by Martin Newall which was originally broadcast on the BBC  Radio 1 breakfast show. RealAudio required.

Heir Apparent / Lost EP (Japan) - postponed to April 1

Thanks to everyone (Steven was the first) who let me know the Maladjusted b-sides CD to be released in Japan has been postponed, according to different CD retailers.

Mar 16 98 - Monday
Smiths sample sampled in battle breaks

Thanks to M. for the news item (I don't totally understand it but here it is):

Not really big news, but I happened to find a Smiths sample on some battle breaks vinyl I just hooked up (turntablist dj trick records, ie., hip-hop and scratch creation). The records are called ‘Genius Touch’ breaks and they are produced by Kreustzfeld Jacob Brotha Crazy-B and Faster Jay. It's only one sample "you are sleeping, you do not want to believe, you are sleeping..." but I thought it was pretty surprising. I guess that the Smiths have not been forgotten in the sample madness. The breaks are out on DCNI records, but I doubt that anybody who knows Morrissey/Smiths would be able to hook up, aside from me that is.

Douglas Coupland in San Francisco

Thanks to Splene for her account of the book signing:

I attended the Coupland reading in San Francisco last night. He introduced the title of the book as being from "a man we’d all like to have as a friend, Steven Morrissey" and added that his music was "a soundtrack for a hellish but inevitable part of my life" (which elicited a small cheer from the crowd.) After making a comment about the intimacy of the dimly lit bookstore, he added the comment about "shoplifters of the world unite and take over" which elicited a singular low hiss(possibly from the bookstore employees?)

He read from the 2nd chapter which has the line "bigmouth strikes again".

Staffan Hellstrand (Sweden) on Hatful

Thanks to Stefan Sahlander for the info:

One of Swedens most popular solo artists, Staffan Hellstrand says in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that "Hatful of hollow" is his favourite album (translation by Stefan).

The Smiths: "Hatful of Hollow".
A band with fantastic songs.I keep Morrissey/Marr higher then Lennon/McCartney as songwriters. They never made a consummate album, but this one is their best,with songs like "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" and "This Charming Man".

The other albums on his list:
- The Sundays: "Reading, writing & arithmetic".
- Television: "Adventure".
- Nick Drake: "Fire leave left".
- Juliana Hatfield: "Hey babe".
- Bob Dylan: "Another side of Bob Dylan".
- Stevie Wonder: "Talking back".
- Belle & Sebastian: "If you're feeling sinister".
- Neil Young: "Tonight's the night".
- Black Grape: "Great when you're straight".

Moz Gathering in Niagara Falls, May 22

From Norm Simpson:

Around 9:00 p.m. on May 22nd 1998 let us celebrate the day that made a difference in our lives! This is a casual get together for this area for anyone interested.

Love to hear from you if you are! It will be in Niagara Falls, Canada on Lundy's Lane at The Highland Tap-British Pub. The owner Mike Strange okayed the evening so it is a go! It is a small quaint little pub with a few dart boards, good variety of English beers, and of course a juke box with Smith and Moz c.d.'s to impress our ears! Come on and let's give a toast to the great one! Wear you Moz shirt if you have one so we know you are there for the get together ! By the way Mike Strange the owner and bartender is a boxer that won the gold in the Olympics a few years back (a close resemblance to an early Moz is present - you were right P.Zeal) Talk to you soon=) Moz worshipper

P.S. the pub is in a mini mall close to Dorchester road, same side as Harveys!

I'll be setting up more info on my Moz site soon. Or people may e-mail directly if the have any questions.

The event is being organized by Moz worshipper.

Heir Apparent / Lost EP in Japan?

... if anyone gets a hold of it let me know - it was supposed to come out last week.

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