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Feb 18 98 - Wednesday
Boz Boorer and John's Children, Feb. 22 in London

Thanks to Mark Deveney (Charlton, SE7) for the news:

Boz Boorer is playing in Marc Bolan’s old group "Johns Children" on 22nd Feb at The Notre Dame Ballroom London, WC2.

It is the original line-up plus Boz taking Marc’s place.

Apparently, they have a new album in production called Bonfire at the Baxters.

The Halo Benders

Thanks Richard Mann for the info:

The Halo Benders, who previously covered "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" as a b-side, have a track on their new album called "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain." It is NOT a cover.

Small addition to the Manson list


...for what it is worth, at the bottom of the list he has a "Rules that i’ve broken" section. He admits to having broken rule # 2 . He must own at least one Smiths record, so perhaps he is a fan?

Feb 16 98 - Monday
Marilyn Manson --

I didn't realize Marilyn Manson was a comedian. Thanks to Garrison Poppe for the following:

Let me preface this with the explanation that I work in a small bookstore. I do not own a copy of Marilyn Manson’s book. I repeat, I do not own a copy of Mr. Manson’s book.

an excerpt:

"...let’s get straight...if you meet any of the qualifications below, you are gay.

1. If you get someone else’s sperm on you.
2. If you’ve ever owned a Smiths album."

(let’s skip some of the more exceptionally vulgar entries... i.e. most of them... my apologies for number one, but really, I couldn’t start a list at number two, could I?)

"6. If you tap your feet to a Smiths song.
10. If you have any kind of sex-with a male or female-to the Smiths, you’re gay.
15. If there’s a Smiths song on in a bar and you’re in the bathroom with your d*** in your hand.
20. If you f*** a girl who likes the Smiths.
21. If you don’t eat meat because the Smiths album Meat Is Murder had an impact on your life.
24. If you have a haircut like Morrissey.
25. If you’ve ever had a haircut while a Morrissey or Smiths album was playing in the room.
27. If you’ve ever put band-aids on your nipples as a fashion statement.
35. If you know the names of anyone who’s ever been in the Smiths besides Morrissey and Johnny Marr.
39. If your first, last, middle or only name is Morrissey."

Taken from pages 134 and 135 of "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" by Marilyn Manson.

Feb 13 98 - Friday
John LaCroix (Ten Yard Fight) picks his favorites

Thanks to DDaiTheFlu for the following details:

I was reading through a magazine called "Chord" (it’s a Hardcore/Punk magazine - it doesn’t have a date/month on it... most likely it’s a Feb. issue). It has "H2O" on the cover and says article w/the Deftones. But as I kept readin’ on in the very back of the 2nd to the last page it has in bold letter’s "Top Ten" and a picture of John LaCroix the bassist from "Ten Yard Fight" (who is also the publisher of Extent, another Punk magazine.) Underneath the picture it says "Wonderin’ what next Artist or albums 2 buy or hear? We asked John LaCroix to tell us his ‘Top Ten’ picks for favorite bands of all-time." and the list goes as follows w/ the followin’ statement...

1. The Smiths/Morrissey: "Those who don’t understand the MAN, judge the MAN, as I did for years. Listen good suckers! He may not be a ‘Tattooed-Meat-Head’, but this British ex-jock won’t hesitate to spit in the eyes of any prejudging Hardcore kid. Morrissey is as Tough as Tough and is Cool as Cool, and has great fashion sense."
(Favorite song: "Handsome Devil")

2. Deftones ("7 Words") / Youth Of Today ("Flame Still Burns")
3. Circle Jerks ("Wild In The Streets" &" I’m Alive")
4. Minor Threat ("Salad Days")
5. Sick Of It All ("Injustice system")
6. The Misfits ("Skulls")
7. Descendents ("Hope")
8. The Beatles ("Revolution")
9. Gorilla Biscuits ("New Direction")
10. Weezer ("For No One Else")
11. Wu-Tang Clan ("Hellz Wind Staff" &"Triumph")
12. T.S.O.L. ("Abolish Gov’t") / The Vandals ("Anarchy Burger (Hold The Gov’t)")

2 notes:
"Chord" along w/ "Too-Hype Records" is the magazine that put out the CD A Tribute to The Smiths, The World Still Won’t Listen a few of bands on the tribute album have articles in this issue Dare to Defy, H20, Youth Brigade, The Business, Sweet Diesel, Edgewise, Slapshot.

And one more thing Deftones are said to do one more Smiths cover (don’t know which song) as well as a Depeche Mode song. But when I saw them last Fall in between songs Chino Moreno (kinda rapped ’em actually) sang the lyrics to ‘Ask’ and the Deftones are also on the ‘Duran Duran tribute album’ but not the one with all the "cheesy-fake-wannabe" Ska bands.

The other Smiths cover referred to is most likely "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want", as reported about a month ago in an article about The Deftones.

* Update (Jan. 28, 2000)

From John LaCroix:

That article was taken from something I wrote for Chord Magazine, however, I was misquoted on your site...

Record number 2 is Youth Of Today but NOT Deftones. In fact, I never even mentioned them, they were merely appearing in the same magazine I was in. Also, Numbers 11 and 12 were not on that article either, nor are they included in my all time favorites. (Deftones either) I'm not sure where they came from.

...Also, I used to be in a band that covered 2 different Smiths songs. Please, Please, Please and Big Mouth. I was also a member of Slapshot for a short period of time, but I wasn't in the band at the time they covered Big Mouth.


Thanks Vu, first with the word that the My Early Burglary Years compilation is mentioned on the NME.COM news page. No new information, except that there are no plans for release in the UK -- US only.

I forgot to thank those few who have sent postcards and other items through the normal mail in the past year. So, thanks -- your consideration is appreciated.

Feb 12 98 - Thursday
Logo contest end

Thank you to all who made the effort to submit a logo. I am really amazed at the quality and quantity of logos I received in the space of less than two weeks.

I look forward to displaying them around the site soon. I'll be choosing my favorite ones and rotating in different ones from time to time. (If you want to suggest a particular logo, go right ahead... Several people already have and there has been quite a wide variance in preferences)

The last-minute entries are on pages 9 and 10 of the complete list of entries.


Thanks Michael Fellows for noticing that the My Early Burglary Years compilation is mentioned on the Reprise news page. No new information, but it is under the clever title "Dimestore Hood".

Thanks to John Levon for the note concerning the aforementioned "Morrissey Disco" at the Star and Garter in Manchester:

...just thought i’d tell you there’s to another on Mozzer’s birthday. they have these nights about every three months and they are always fun. there’s one guy who goes as Vauxhall-era Morrissey, and he is just perfect at it, amazing.

Morrissey-solo is one year old today...

That's right, one year -- we've been through a lot haven't we? I sincerely thank all of those who have supported me and/or the site either directly or indirectly. That support is what has kept Morrissey-solo going.

Feb 11 98 - Wednesday
More MEBY details on Addicted To Noise

Thanks to Jason Hajdik for spotting this in today's Addicted To Noise news.

Title - Morrissey Hand-Picks Cool B-Sides, Rarities For CD:

(photo caption: The disc also will feature an enhanced CD-ROM portion, including a video previously unavailable in the U.S.)

Ex-Smiths singer chooses 16 of his favorite tracks for album spanning his solo career.

Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports : Morrissey’s upcoming B-sides and rarities collection, My Early Burglary Years (May 12), isn’t just another rummage through the former Smiths singer’s closet of hits, but it’s not strictly an odds and sods collection of castoffs, either, according to Howie Klein, president of Reprise Records.

"It’s not greatest hits, because he already did that," Klein said. "It wouldn’t have been much different from [1990’s] Bona Drag, which was a straight singles collection, so I asked him for his ideas on what other kinds of things could be included."

In response, Morrissey came up with a 16-track batch of rarities, B-sides and previously unreleased tracks that span his solo career, from "Sister I’m a Poet" (B-side to the 1988 single "Everyday Is Like Sunday") to "Nobody Loves Us" (B-side to the 1995 U.K.-only single "Dagenham Dave"), as well as a previously unreleased live cover of glam-rockers T-Rex’s "Cosmic Dancer," Klein said.

The disc will also feature an enhanced CD-ROM portion, including a video -- previously unavailable in the U.S.—for the U.K. single "Sunny." Also in the collection are: "Girl Least Likely To" (B-side to the 1990 single "November Spawned a Monster"), "At Amber" (B-side to the 1990 U.K.-only single "Picadilly Palare"), "Pashernate Love" (B-side to the 1992 U.K.-only single "You’re The One For Me, Fatty"), "I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty" (B-side to the 1991 single "My Love Life"), "I’d Love To" (B-side to the 1994 single "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"), "Black Eyed Susan" and "A Swallow On My Neck" (B-sides to the 1995 U.K.-only single "Sunny"), and "Michael’s Bones" (B-side to the 1989 single "Last of the Famous International Playboys").

The CD also features the album tracks "Reader Meet Author" and "The Boy Racer" from 1995’s Southpaw Grammar, "Jack the Ripper" (RealAudio excerpt) from 1993’s Beethoven Was Deaf and "Boxers," a single from 1995’s The World of Morrissey.

"These are basically tracks that [Morrissey] thought were overlooked, or his favorite tracks, some were imports," said Klein, who said that My Early Burglary Years was created especially for U.S. fans, since many of the rare tracks were previously available in Europe. [Wed., Feb. 11, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]

"Morrissey Disco" in Manchester - tonight

From Joubin:

Tonight in Manchester (UK)

Star And Garter Pub
Tickets: 2 pounds 10:30 til 2am.

Over 100 people in attendance.

The logo contest...

...ends today. All of the submissions so far can be seen here. (new since the last update: pages 7 and 8.)

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