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    roys keen

    whats the true meaning behind this song and its lyrics? surely it cant be as simple as a song about an over enthusiastic window cleaner or can it?
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    things you think morrissey has never done- that most ordinary men have

    a 48 hr bender in blackpool wi lads is a bit different though
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    things you think morrissey has never done- that most ordinary men have

    been on a stag night? ridden a motorbike? d.i.y? gone fishing? played golf? might be wrong about some of the above but cant imagine morrissey doing any of the above, feel free to correct me or add other things you think might be on the list?
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    morrissey on "american horror" name checked by the teen daughter on the hot new series- said something like- " u wanna listen to morrissey on my ipod? hes realy miserable and hates eveybody" to her boyfriend-
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    Book of Condolence Thread

    coronation street legnd betty driver who played betty turpin aged 91 died yesterday
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    Dagenham Dave meaning

    the stranglers had a song called dd before morrissey
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    your top 3 worst smiths songs (non covers)??

    that song has always made me feel like i have spent time in that bedroom and that was my old wardrobe-fantastic song
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    omg i have just visited all u need is moz -scary stuff!

    just got back to this thread i started=-it seems to have gone wonky somewhere?
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    Good riddance to the News Of The World

    why dont they re-release news of the world-by the jam? someones missing a trick here!
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    who would win stare out contest between morrissey and darts legend eric bristow?

    mmmmmmmmm interesting, my money would be on the crafty cockney (not trolling-just lets have a bit of humour in all this recent load of bollocks)
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    How Come Morrissey Has Never Had A Girl In The Band?

    has there ever been any black/asian members either?
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