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    "A soft place to land" Goodbye, Realitybites

    With great sadness, I am notifying the other affected residents of this site that the M-soloer known as realitybites/Jehne Lunden has been sung to sleep. For more than a decade, Jehne was a prolific contributor to these Morrissey-solo forums, engaging in spirited discussions of the numerous...
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    Fiona Dodwell: "10 Underrated Morrissey Tracks You Need To Hear Today" (November 3, 2020)

    Because she’s a pretentious bore. And half of the list is garbage.
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    Morrissey on IRS's The Cutting Edge (on MTV)

    YouTuber, MrPhilrand, has posted two videos from the MTv show, The Cutting Edge. The videos seem to be labeled backwards, with part 1 being called part 2 and vice-versa. The description on the YouTube videos says 1986, but the video indicates the time is October, 1985. As the opening shot of the...
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    Sad what passes for art direction

    All this time, I'd thought the grainy look of the IANADOAC cover was just a function of low-resolution derivatives, but evidently the intended concept was to mimic fan-made, bootleg-concert artwork circa 1999? Back then, we had to use whatever 640x480 px images someone happened to share. What...
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    Morrissey 1999 appearance featured in Coachella documentary

    I was in line for that show too! There's some picture of a bunch of us sitting on the steps outside the casino entrance I need to find again. Anywaaaaay. I love the Coachella footage here, but the commentary bookending it wasn't relevant to Morrissey's performance, and that's a pity. :(
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    Morrissey mention on Better Caul Saul?

    Me too! It's so weird because the amount of time the fake company logo is on the screen is literally a split second. Why would they go through so much effort to create a logo for a truck? Couldn't they just have filmed it without a logo? It just feels like an "easter egg" of some sort, even...
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    Morrissey mention on Better Caul Saul?

    This past Monday's episode (S05E09) of Better Call Saul caught my eye even more than usual when in an early scene, a big rig rolls through the scene emblazoned with "Morrissey Freight." I don't find an actual company called Morrissey Freight, so it's got me wondering what the reference might...
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    Morrissey Central: "You Have Been Warned" (October 22, 2019)

    It's tasteless irrespective of permissions previously granted or withheld. It's one thing to demonstrate one's admiration for iconic (or lesser-known) celebrities by using their likenesses on album artwork. It's quite a laughable other to suggest--esp. through amateurish photo editing--that...
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I think your response was rather abstemious. ;)
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    Safe and Well - Home and Dry

    How I dearly wish Morrissey was more like Neil Tennant. I guess we're with stupid.
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    "Some Say I Got Devil" official video - Morrissey / YouTube

    My favourite song from the album got a video! The lyrics on the screen though. ??
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    "USA Chart Position" (#7 Billboard Albums, #3 Vinyl Albums) - Morrissey Central; #95 Billboard 200

    I like California Son. A lot! But at #95, California Son will have been bested by all these: Chronicle by Creedence Clearwater Revival (released 1976); Greatest Hits by Queen (released 1981); Legend by Bob Marley (released 1984); and Journey's Greatest Hits (released 1988)! :squiffy:
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