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An anonymous person writes:

Apparently Morrissey was approached to appear, if that's the right word, in the recently aired episode where the Simpson family come to England! You know the one with Tony Blair? In an interview in the Independent newspaper one of the writers said they tried to persuade Morrissey or David Bowie to be in it. Both obviously declined but Bowie may appear in a future episode. Morrissey presumably won't!
posted by davidt on Thursday November 27 2003, @12:00AM
BlueGirl writes:

Not quite in time for our holiday shopping, but something to look forward to nonetheless- Matinée Records is putting out a Smiths tribute compilation with some super indie bands, including The Lucksmiths and The Snowdrops.

From the Matinée Recordings News:

Our 30th album release is a daring compilation entitled "Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware" (matcd030) ? and the exceptionally bright among you may recall that phrase from the run-out groove of a certain single by 80's mega-legends The Smiths! The keen management here at Matinée happen to think The Smiths are the greatest band of all time so we asked our talented coterie of artists to take a stab at a Smiths cover and compiled this special tribute album to mark the 20th anniversary of the band. Yes, we know there have been Smiths tributes already but none of them in our humble opinion come anywhere close to paying proper respect to the brilliance of the band so we've had a go ourselves.

"Offering a mix of songs from throughout the band’s venerable career, the contributors include: The Pines, with a jingly-jangly version of the hit “Ask”; Pale Sunday, providing a magnificent bossa-nova and shoegaze reworking of “I Know It’s Over”; The Lucksmiths, who approach the mighty “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” as a duet and come out smelling of roses; Slipslide, with an expertly crafted cover of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”; Pipas, adding a great dance beat to the early classic “This Night Has Opened My Eyes”; Lovejoy, contributing an admirable cover of “Girlfriend In A Coma”; Would-Be-Goods, with an unforgettable version of “Back To The Old House”; The Young Tradition, putting their polish on a slowed-down version of “Sheila Take A Bow”; Simpático, with a convincing rendition of “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”; The Guild League , glam-ing up the already glam hit “Panic”; The Liberty Ship, attacking the rollicking “Sweet and Tender Hooligan” in fine fashion; and The Snowdrops, with a splendid live recording of the single “Bigmouth Strikes Again.”

A demonstration of our profound hubris? You bet! Preparing ourselves for cries of blasphemy? Of course! It’s at the CD plant now and we will have copies available sometime in late December exclusively via the mailorder. Otherwise, look for it in shops in January. "

Full tracklisting and links to soundclips here.

Track listing:
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Greg Vondruska writes:

My new Morrissey piece, called "My Favorite British Singer", was painted with exuberant brush strokes of cartoon expressionism and can be seen here-
"My Favorite British Singer" (2003) by Greg Vondruska

Click to enlarge

posted by davidt on Thursday November 27 2003, @12:00AM
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Tony writes:

Morrissey/Smiths Night
Friday, November 28, 2003

9pm to 2am

UPSTAIRS at Delilah's
2771 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
21 + $3 cover

Here is the flyer.
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