Morrissey photo in Dublin with Harry & Alfie

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found by quiffaa some days ago from her site.

post from "A fan blog dedicated to two brothers and very talented musicians from Dublin, Ireland." http://f***
http://f*** about
#Harry Hudson-Taylor and #Alfie Hudson-Taylor

so I guess its Dublin 2011

See also story on Facebook, link posted by Lori Moz:

Harry & Alfie with Morrissey!

The making of "The Queen Is Dead" featured in NME (out June 15)

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Update June 16, 8:40AM PT:

From vivabob:

There is also the 50 "memorable" quotes from morrissey on the website.

I wouldnt expect an interview anytime soon.

Update June 16, 8:40AM PT:

See also for more details the following forum thread:

The Smiths on the cover of next weeks 'NME'

It would seem, judging by the teaser on the back page of this weeks edition, that The Smiths are set to grace the cover, again. It features a lovely big Stephen Wright live shot of a grimacing Morrissey clutching a 'Queen Is Dead' placard (19th July 1986 ~ G-MEX Festival of the 10th Summer). The tag line reads '25 years on - Morrissey & Marr discuss the making of a masterpiece'...

Fans wanted for new book - "Morrissey International Airport - travels with the Moz Army"

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Dickie writes:

Morrissey's most dedicated and well-travelled fans are being invited to be part of a new book.

"Morrissey International Airport" - travels with the Moz Army - will focus on fans who journey great distances to attend concerts by their hero.

Author Dickie Felton, 37, from Liverpool has already published one book on the phenomenon of Morrissey fans. His 2009 tome: "The Day I Met Morrissey" contained stories of fans who had met the legendary singer.

The work became a Piccadilly Records Top Ten Book of The Year and a Waterstones "Most Recommended" book.

Now Felton hopes to get material and interview fans on Morrissey's forthcoming summer tour.
He said: "It is remarkable that fans will travel continents and sail seas to follow this singer. I'm particularly interested in people who journey great distances and want to learn about their experiences on the road.

"This summer Morrissey is playing some of the most far flung and off-beat places in the UK -...

"Unhappy Birthday" - one woman show by Amy Lamé

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Amy writes:

I am currently creating my new one woman show, Unhappy Birthday, which has a very strong Morrissey and Smiths theme. I am currently developing it at Battersea Arts Centre and the Contact Theatre, Manchester and trying to raise funds to produce the show. I'll be doing several "work in progress" shows in London, Manchester and Edinburgh over the coming months, then touring the UK, US and beyond later this year and next year.

I'd like to invite you to one of the work in progress shows, too...there's one in London the beginning of July and Manchester the end of July, so let me know if you fancy it.

Here is the link to my crowdfunding page- there's a synopsis of the show, info on me and my director, a little teaser video and quite a few photos- take a peek!

Welcome to my Unhappy Birthday party. Gather in the bar, where my invited guests- you, the audience members- are offered makeovers in...

Stephen Wright - My best shot (The Guardian)

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As part of The Guardian's ongoing series where photographers select their best shot.

Photographer Stephen Wright's best shot
'At the time, I was using my bedroom as a darkroom – and storing all my chemicals in old lemonade bottles'

NYC - The Queen is Dead 25th Anniversary w/Andy Rourke and The Sons & Heirs (June 18)

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Hi Friends,
This should be a very fun evening. We hope you can join us! Hiro is a beautiful spot with great sound and Andy Rourke will be joining us to celebrate.

Ravi Marr :guitar::guitar:

The Queen Is Dead: 25th Anniversary Show
featuring a live performance by The Sons & Heirs and special guest DJ Andy Rourke.
Saturday June 18th, 2011
Hiro Ballroom
88 West 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Advance Tickets only $8. $10 Day of Show.
Questions? [email protected]

Portraits/Art Prints of Morrissey and Patti Smith in Today's (10/6/11) Guardian

Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session (June 10), broadcast next week (June 14/15)

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Update (June 10, 2011, 6:25 AM PT): Link from Guillaume Métayer:

Three new songs by Morrissey to be broadcast on the Janice Long Show this coming Tuesday -
10 June 2011

Three new songs by Morrissey will be broadcast on the Janice Long Show on BBC Radio 2 this coming Tuesday.

They are :


Update (June 10, 2011, 6:25 AM PT):

Posted in the comments by mywar:

"No Street involvement" on these three new songs, according to Boz on Facebook. Oh well.​

Posted in the forums by Oso Blanco:

Strange comment by Boz on his Facebook site:

Question regarding the Janice Long session: "Is it in the...​

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