Morrissey on Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2 (Apr. 30, 2011, 3pm)

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Update Apr. 30, 2011, 4:05PM PT:

mozmic_dancer;1986638305 said:
You can listen to it here: Just hit the “Listen Now” tab; about 1:13:30 minutes in.

mp3 version here:

Reminder: interview to air Saturday, Apr. 30 at 3:00PM BBC Radio 2. Post your reports in the comments section below.

Boyd Hilton just tweeted:


The dream scenario is happening (barring last-minute withdrawal): Morrissey on @radioleary's show...

Johnny Marr on the "Shoplifters" carrier bag and Record Store Day

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Johnny Marr:

"...The Smiths put out 'Shoplifters Of The World Unite' in these plastic carrier bags that said "shoplifter" on it as a stylistic joke against HMV, really, but that ended up putting that record in the red, and there was quite a few things that happened like that..."

from: Johnny Marr - Record Store Day Is A Celebration - Johnny Marr's official web blog

"Glamorous Glue" released (UK - April 18, 2011)

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The "Glamorous Glue" single is out now in the UK.

Bill Zero posted in the forums a link to the microsite:

Very Best Of / Glamorous Glue - EMI microsite

"Refuse" by Elliot DeLine, new book includes many Morrissey/Smiths references

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Elliot sends the link and writes:

"Refuse" by Elliott DeLine - Smashwords

...I would love a readership of Morrissey fans- so far I've mostly reached the transgender community. However, more than anything else, the book is about a boy's love for Morrissey and his life's work. I think it would appeal to many people who love him as well.​


‘All writers are born in the wrong body, but it happens to be the reader’s good fortune that Elliott DeLine was literally born in the wrong body – even if he would never use a tacky tranny cliché like that. Refuse is a stunning debut “novoir” about an over-observant young outsider with really great hair who is outside everything – including the transgender community – but keeps a great deal bottled up inside. Funny, cynical, tough, vulnerable, honest, deluded, sagacious, self-loving and self-loathing, Refuse is irresistible.’ -Mark Simpson, author...


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* site sponsor *

A Monthly Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night & Dance Party. (Is it really so strange?)

Next edition: Thursday, April 21, 2011 at the gorgeous Gallery Bar (Lower level)

Facebook invite.

Calling all handsome devils & unruly girls who will not settle down! Join scores of sweet and tender hooligans as headmaster DJ Ceremony spins an all-night Smiths & Morrissey tribute set including classics, deep cuts, rarities, and new releases (’cause I really do love them; does that sound mad?). Also featuring Northern Songs, Britpop, & Manchester. 21 & up.

• Special guest Moz-themed go-go by the beautiful Runaround Sue: 11:30+
• Smiths/Morrissey-themed cocktail menu.

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 — 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Venue: Gallery Bar (lower level) — 120 Orchard Street (just above Delancey)
New York City

Icons³ the Morrissey edition (Belgian Morrissey Tribute Night, Apr. 23)

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The World Will Listen & Peter Melis present:

Saturday, April 23 at 10:00pm

the Morrissey edition
"Panic on the streets of Ghent"

Gigolos in Retirement
Peter Melis
& special guests: Hindu Radio Dj's (Hindu Nights) & Peter Daeninck (Lokerse Feesten)

Playlist: The Smiths & Morrissey / 'under the influence': Velvet Underground & Nico, Buzzcocks, David Bowie, Elvis, Brigitte Bardot, Ramones, Sandie Shaw, T-Rex, New York Dolls, Interpol, Magazine, Patti Smith, Echobelly, Billy Bragg, Gene, The Libertines, Glasvegas, Sparks, The Thrills, Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, Suede, Killers, Oasis, James, The Drums, The National, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, ...

Cocteau, Jan Palfijnstraat 17, Ghent (Belgium)

Doors: 10pm
Entrance: 5€ / cheap drinks / free gladioli / visuals & video

"We may be hidden by rags but we've something they'll never have"...

Morrissey at Glastonbury announced (Friday, June 24)

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Its official----morrissey for glastonbury.....check the website

Arse of the world sends the link:

Glastonbury 2011 lineup



Grimsby Auditorium has changed date to June 28th

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Update Apr. 14, 2011, 9:25 AM PT. Note from Ents24:

Ents24 aren't the only suppliers of tickets for that event, so telling fans to send all tickets back to one location is erroneous. The best move for those affected is to check which company provided them the tickets in the first place and return the tickets to them.

We've been informed that due to unavoidable scheduling issues
MORRISSEY at Grimsby Auditorium,
Grimsby 24/06/2011 has changed date.

The event will now take place on TUESDAY 28/06/2011. The tickets will
remain valid for the new date or if you prefer, face value refunds are
available if the tickets are returned to us. All refunds will need to be
claimed and tickets received no later than 10 days before the show.

Please return tickets to Ents24, 4th Floor, Norfolk House,
47 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham NG1 2AB, with a copy of this E-mail.
Please note that refunds...

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