"Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it?" - The Guardian Music Blog

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Found this in The Guardian website...

Throwing out his own fans – has Morrissey finally lost it? by Stephen Kelly - The Guardian Music Blog
After a 5,000-mile trip from LA to Copenhagen, a Morrissey fansite owner was looking forward to seeing his favourite artist in concert. Instead he was refused entry and given a lifetime ban

Helsingborg cancelled

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The gig in Helsingborg has been cancelled due to rain.

Morran also sends the link:

Morrisseys konsert inställd - hd.se
Kvällens konsert med Morrissey på Sundspärlan i Helsingborg är inställd på grund av regnet.

Update 6:31 PT:
Morran mentions an update to the article on hd.se - Morrissey decided to cancel the show, the promoter wanted it to go ahead as gigs in the rain have been played on the same stage without any major problems.

See also:
Press release regarding Morrissey concert date in Helsingborg - true-to-you.net
14 July 2011

Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14th) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety.

Aarhus - Voxhall (July 13, 2011) post-show

Morrissey bans Morrissey-solo.com owner davidt from concerts for life

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Arse of the world sends the links:

Two separate sources:

Morrissey bans superfan for life - WENN.com via Toronto Sun
Morrissey Slaps Concert Ban On Website Owner - WENN via ContactMusic

Morrissey has taken extraordinary action against the owner of a fan website by banning him for life from the singer's concerts.

The former The Smiths frontman declared war on Morrissey-solo.com after owner David Tseng refused to prevent members from discussing the star's private life or criticizing his career moves.

The singer stepped up his campaign against the forum last month by taking to the stage during a show in England wearing a T-shirt printed with the words: "F**k Morrissey-solo.com".

Tseng was shocked when Morrissey's security guards ejected him from a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark on...

Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig - The Daily Mirror

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Morrissey fans have their bags checked for meat before concert - The Daily Mirror

Also covered on NME.com:

Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig - NME.com
Security guards at Middlesborough show were told to frisk punters for meat

Copenhagen - Operaen (July 11, 2011) post-show

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Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in. Beware of anonymous set list trolls!

Morrissey Attacked!...by a dog

Retromania article by Simon Reynolds mentions Morrissey

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Torr sends the link / excerpt:

Retromania: Pop's past is taking over by Simon Reynolds, Los Angeles Times

Once, pop buzzed with energy. Now, that momentum has been overwhelmed by its past, fueled by reissues, revivals and recycling. Here's hoping a massive jolt reshapes music's future.


As the 2000s proceeded, the interval between something happening and its being revisited seemed to shrink insidiously. The reissue industry's tentacles have already reached the late '90s, with box sets and remastered/expanded versions of minimal techno, Britpop and even Morrissey's lamest run of solo albums. As for revivals, the music scene mostly abided by the 20-Year Rule of Revivalism: The '80s were in for pretty much the entire 2000s. Then, right on cue, from last year onward you started to see glimpses of '90s revivalism, with the rise...

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